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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and The Big Four - The Poirot Files

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
Murder Method: stabbing
On this installment of The Poirot Files, the story is narrated by Dr. Sheppard, a single man, living with his older sister, who just like him, is single. They came to an inheritance but was longer lost. She has a kind of net on the town, since she apparently knows everything of everyone, with the exception of their new neighbour, a peculiar old man, who according to Dr. Sheppard must had been a prestigious hairdresser. 
Roger Ackroyd was a wealthy man, who was well loved for the village people and respected, he was a widower tho her marriege wasn't a happy one. His late wife had a drink problem, sill he was most notorious for love he professed for his stepson, a young man who was the kind of person who liked to enjoy life, without considering the consequences.
One day, Dr. Sheppard is invited to dinner by Roger who trusted in him and who wanted to talk about certain subject. The subject in question was the death of Mrs. Ferrars, who everyone suspected had a relationship with Roger.
In confidence Roger reveals Dr. Sheppard that the death woman was indeed his fiancé, they were going to announce their relation and wedding plans soon, but the woman had a secret for which she had been blackmailed and in a desperate way out she committed suicide.
The night of the dinner in question, when Dr. Sheppard had returned home, a phone call was made, telling the doctor that it was the butler from Mr. Ackroyd house to reveal that the master was found dead.
The doctor goes immediately to the place to face the fact that Parker, the butler didn’t make the call, and the study in which the master was, was closed on the inside. The discover of the body and the fact that there was no doubt that it was murder would complicate the case.
The events that follow would involve the help of our dear Poirot.

The first thing to notice on this book is the absence of Hasting, on Poirot’s Early Cases we had a few stories without Hastings, but this is the first novel without him. To be honest I must say that I kind of missed, tho Dr. Sheppard made his narration quite interesting, and it was good to see another perspective involving Poirot.
The story itself was a good one, if not the best, blackmail, a secret marriage that I suspected and proved right, another couple in love and the simpleton who could look like he was trying to hard to hide the truth could deceive you, because the ending, oh dear, certainly I was not expecting that ending.

The Big Four 
The Big Four bring us a fantastic history, and I’m referring as fantastic because it was a little too much for me, well almost a little too much.
On this story, Hastings is back to surprise his good friend Poirot, but the surprise came on the other way because by arriving to Poirot’s apartment, he realize that the old man, as happy as he is to have Hastings back, he is leaving England, probably for good.
He’s going to work on a case of a famous millionaire, the payment is really good, and the possibility to stay in the new continent and visit frequently his good friend Hastings was too much tempting to the old man, that he couldn’t refuse the job. There’s something more, for some months now, Poirot has been listening about The Big Four, which appear to be a secret organization or something of the like, he’s intrigued by them, but there’s not much he can find out about them.
Before his departure, Poirot and Hastings are took by surprise, a man enters through the window and he appears to be in shock, he’s dirty and somewhat out of himself. The doctor is called and recommend  repose. Before the man faint, he mentioned something about a Chinese man, being number one, the American millionaire, being number two, a Frenchwoman, being number three, and the number four, the destroyer. Intrigued Poirot and Hastings consider this information carefully, should these four people being the organization that Poirot has been hearing about?
After some indications to the landlady, Hastings and Poirot took a train, the younger one is going to accompany his old friend to the port and later continue his stay in England to run some business.
But before they reach their destination, clarity came to our dear detective and they go out of the train and return to London, just to discover that the man is dead, and that the person who went to find him, didn’t work on the asylum as he mentioned to them, he was no other than number 4, the destroyer.
The book take us in an intense quest to bring down a powerful organization which is planning world domination, and in which the brain, number 1, the Chinese man, is behind of riots and probably other disasters. The millionaire in question is almost untouchable and the French woman is even more, being famous and well loved in her country.  And finally number four, the disguise man, the one nobody knows or at least not really, the one nobody can remember his face and who’s silly unnoticed think can give him away.
So far, this book is my least favorite, still I can’t deny that I enjoyed it.
We got Hastings back, and I must say that I missed his narrative style, the fact that he always shares his opinion and how he contradicts himself, sometimes complaining about Poirot, praising his genius, other times saying how vain he could turn.
I love Poirot’s cleverness, and absolutely have blind faith in the greatest capacity of his gray cells, but even that, it was a little too much.
He alone, well, with the help of silly Hastings discover and destroy the most powerful organization which secrecy had them on float for years.
The ending was ridiculous for say it nicely. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was reading it, especially because it was so out of character.
Still I gave this book 4 stars, like I said it was an entertaining reading, and I absolutely enjoyed reading about it, even when for moments I felt like it was too much fantastic to be true.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

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Coming Soon...

The other day I woke up with a new, reinforced inspiration, I was not sure how capable I was going to be capable to transform this idea in a reality, but I felt like it was possible. After a disappoinment from the bestie, who was probably in not his best mood -he usually is very supportive with my crazy ideas, and it was not like "don't do it", I was thinking maybe it could be a project in which both could work together, but he was more into "do it" but don't count me in.
I mentioned my idea to my other bestie and my little sister, and I couldn't express how grateful I am for their support. Both told me that it was great idea, that I should go for it, and that they supported me 100%.

What I love about them is that they are more practical and objective with my crazy ideas, they started asking questions such as "about what you are going to do it" or "what format", and when I came out with name ideas, they gave their point of view and together we came with it. They actually went further to say that they are willing to participate from time to time, which makes me so freaking happy about it! yes, my girls are gold, pure gold!
I would lie if I don't mention that the idea has been for a while, that I tried in the past and then forgot about it, but there's something different this time, because I feel inspired, I feel like there's so much to share, and excited, so excited for it.
So coming soon...

Monday, March 6, 2017

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Sherlock DIY Part 2 The Sign of Two

It's so true, if you don't catch the spark when the inspiration comes, you can loss the train. For the last few weeks I'm not been feeling in the mood to finish my Sherlock DIY. Work, life, you name it, but finally during the free days that I had at the end of February, and after a rewatch of one of Sherlock's episodes, the inspiration hit me hard again, and I loved it! Hope you enjoy these simple but I think interesting DIY Sherlock inspired.

Calendar of Sherlock

The Case-book of Sherlock
The Sign of Two

a design of your like 
two brushes, one small for the details and the other one bigger for cover more space quickly
a sharpie
scissor and cutter
a piece of wood (the one used was from the christmas tree)
a wooden box 
a piece of wood 
a metal hanger
white and black paint (I used acrylics)
for the Calendar:
sturdy paper
the design of your like
quotes from Sherlock

Friday, March 3, 2017

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Dear February

Dear February
You’ve always been one of my favorite months, you are so weird and unique, the only one short and the only one with the most ridiculous and most beautiful celebration on it. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s day, the pink day as I call it. I wrote about the reasons why I love the day, and how it doesn’t matter to be single or in a relationship to enjoy it.

Also I celebrated the first anniversary of Falkor, which has been my biggest challenge.
Still, not everything was hearts and love, I had a few rough days, well, basically when we were approaching to your end, because I’m selfish, but I think I was right, I deserved to enjoy the two days that I had free, to be at home, alone and enjoy myself without justifying myself to anyone.
Still I got a reminder of being kinder through Lenna’s video, with you ending, a new period start and I need to be kinder, to be the better me.

Thank you for the experiences, for the good and also for the bad moments, for the joy, the happiness and the love.
P.S. Cant we just take a moment to appreciate how dramatic and silly this boy of mine is?, He won the Oscar to the best friend and of course the loveliest dog ever!

And since we are saying not goodbye February, I will see you next year, but before I leave you with some of my favorite moments on video format!.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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The Good People - Book Review

There are books that affect you in some level, that stick with you for times to come. Hannah Kent’s debut novel, Burial Rites, was one of them.
So of course when I knew that she released a new book, I marked it as a must read. I’m grateful to the warning that Simon from SavidgeReads placed on his video, because he talked about the subject without giving much away, still, it prepared me in some level for the story.
But the warning was short comparing to the reality and the whirlpool of emotions this book produced on my.

I can’t deny how talented is Hannah Kent, her writing is involving, is catching, it resonates in your mind and even when you want to quit at certain moments because the situation is so heartbreaking, you find yourself unable to do that, you keep going for good or for bad until the very end.

The Good People follows the story of three women, Nora Leary a recent widow who not only lost her husband at the beginning of the book, she also lost her only daughter the previous months and was left with the burden of take care of Michael, her grandson who can’t move or speak and whose constant cries brought misfortune, frustration and shame to the widow. In her new situation, she decided to hire Mary, a young girl, who was in the marked trying to find a job for the next coming years and that way help her family and bring a little release to her parents by earning a few cents.
When Mary met the widow, she was in her a kind woman, she was willing to hard work, and was ready to probe herself useful. Little Mary knew about the real situation of Michael and the struggles and challenges she would face.
And last we have Nance, the old woman of the forest, she’s the one who is called when there’s problem for childbirth, the one of the knowledge, the one gifted by Them, the good people or commonly known as the fairies.
The people is whispering, misfortune is hitting them hard, the milk is less, the eggs are less, and is believed that one is to blame for it.

Setting in Ireland, I found myself fascinated by the folklore, the old ways, the believes of the people, superstition and costumes.
At the beginning of the book when they were mourning the dead man, I was so intrigue by the way the women expressed the sadness and the lost.
Each chapter was named after a plant, and I really loved to see a little illustration of the plant, and during the chapter, learn the use of the plant, or at least how was used by Nance.

The main reason why I gave this book 3 stars is because I have major issues with the subject, with certain events that happened on the book that unfuriated me, talking about them is gave too much away, and certainly this book should be a must read if you are interested in historical fiction and love the style of Hannah Kent, but I won't recommended it without warning you, it's harsh, a case of child abuse is present. If you are still curious and don't mind spoilers check my book talk:

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Favorites January-February

Hello my dear

This day was not the best, lots of tension, and I was so upset for the Oscar situation, that I wasn't so sure to write this, but well, life happens, and I'm going to shake all the negativity that I've been feeling, so here are some of my favorites from the last two months.
NYX Lipstick on Snow White tone:

On Music and Movies La La Land conquer my heart!

Series: Sherlock and Salem, oh my dear!

Favorite Books so far:

And last but not least, the reason that my good humor came back:

Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Happy Anniversary Falkor

Last Saturday (February 18th), was Falkor’s first anniversary. If you are wondering who on earth is Falkor, well, let me introduce it to you:
I’m pretty sure that I didn’t share this in its moment, probably I only mentioned how excited I was, but that was it.

A year had passed, and it’s only fair that I talk more about it, especially since it’s been a challenge, a complete challenge to me.
In 2015 my mom decided to finally get her retirement, and came to her mind that she was going to invest a part of that money in a car. She didn’t want an old car because old cars are and endless well, you put and put and put on it and it’s never filled. So a new car was in her plan.
My mom is the kind of person who spends lots of money in silly things –currently working on a supermarket, she comes almost daily with a little offer that she found, things like cookies because they were super cheap, when she doesn’t even eat cookies, you get the idea-, but when it comes to bigger investments, she usually doesn’t go for it.
So back in December 2015, we get some car prices from different agencies, and she said maybe, maybe, maybe, until I got so angry that I told her “I don’t know why I bother going here and there when I know that you are not going to buy anything, so stop wasting my time, enough with this car talk”. To this point my patience had run out, and it was not that I was disappointed, more the fact that I was tired of going from one agency to another, to print different plans and wasting paper and ink for something that she was not going to buy.
The rest of December was she trying to talk about a car, me ignoring her or changing the subject in a pretty obvious way.
January came, and by that time, she was disappointed because the costs of the cars of course increased as expected, and the money she saved for the first payment was not enough. I saw how upset she was about it but didn’t say a thing. One day I was running some errands down town, and decided to stop on the Volkswagen agency (which I knew it was out of her possibilities), and on the Chevrolet agency (which she didn’t considered since the model she wanted –the matiz- was out of the market).

As expected, the first was out of question, but the second one was totally different. First the person who attended me, a super nice lady called Gladys, who listened to me and immediately recommended not the expensive type or the one which would give her the bigger commission, but the one that she had, which was the cheaper option, and the one which was perfect for my mom’s possibilities.
I went home very pleased to find a mom very, very distressed because that day another agency gave her prices that were out of question. So she got a surprise from my part, and immediately liked the idea. That week we went to talk to Gladys and my mom was excited.
For a bank situation, I was not able to sing the paperwork and my little sister was the one who has to do it. So here’s the predicament that I feel with the car. My mom is the one who is paying for it with her retirement money. My little sister made the paperwork so it’s on her name. And what about me? Well, I’m not part of the equation, except for the fact that I was the one who had to take driving lessons to learn how to drive it since it’s manual, and the little sister and mom only drive automatic.
Mom says that the car is ours, but as you may see, the car it’s hers not mine, and basically that’s part of the struggle.
I’m the kind of person that when I invest in something, call it a new gadget or so, I took a little time to get used to the idea of it. A whole month passed before I was ready to take off my computer from the box and used it for the first time.
Imagine now how I felt with a brand new car. I made excuse after excuse, lost confidence and so one.
A year has passed, and I’m still not using the car pretty much, if I tell you how many kilometers the car has you probably would laugh (    )
I’m struggling because my mom’s sight is poor and is getting worst every year, so, the little sister and I don’t want her to drive, that’s one of the reasons why she sold her old car on the first place.
A year Falkor has been with us, a year in which I expected to share lots of adventures with it, but didn’t happen, of course the first drive and the blessings were adventures per se, but just the day of its anniversary I decided to took it to some errands close the house, and I made a promise to our sweet spark.
This year is going to be my driving year, I’m going to be more confidence with it, and I’m going to take it to new adventures, longer distances, and feel more comfortable with it.

Happy anniversary Falkor, we love you, and cheers for all the adventures to come!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10:17 AM

The Poirot Files Books 3-5 short stories

In this installment of The Poirot’s Files, we explore the short stories, starting with Christmas Adventure, which was for the first time available as an individual story and not part of any collection.
Poirot is spending Christmas in the manor of an old friend, children playing an goofing around, a young woman with a sad situation, a young man in love, and a jewel robbery would make this little story a very catchy one.
This is the first adventure in which Hastings is absent, and I must confess that I kind of missed him.

On Poirot Investigates Hastings is back, as annoying in some parts as usual, but to be honest his silliness made some parts funny and enjoyable. The stories included in this book are;
The Adventure of "The Western Star"
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan
The Kidnapped Prime Minister
The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim
The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman
The Case of the Missing Will
The Veiled Lady
The Lost Mine
The Chocolate Box

 On Poirot’s Early Cases once more we notice the absence of Hastings in a few stories which kind of bother me. The fact that there’s no logical sequence, or an idea of why Hastings left, would put me down since there's no order and for a character who loves order and method, his short stories and books don’t have them. I’m still glad of the list from the website and the fact that it’s based on publication dates, even when there are some details that doesn't make any sense.
The stories included on this book are:

The Affair at the Victory Ball
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
The Cornish Mystery
The adventure of Johnnie Waverly
The Double Clue
The King of Clubs
The Lemesurier Inheritance
The Lost Mine
The Plymouth Express
The Chocolate Box
The Submarine Plans
The Third-Floor Flat
Double Sin
The Market Basing Mystery
Wasp's Nest
The Veiled Lady
Problem at Sea
How Does Your Garden Grow

Friday, February 10, 2017

10:33 AM

Why I Love Valentine’s Day and you should too!

For some people, Valentine’s Day is a dreadful day, it’s the reminder of your singleness, your lack of dates, your failure on finding prince charming (or princess, not judging here)
For others, it’s a freaking commercial date, selling flowers, and things just to pretend that you love so so so much someone, when the biter ones would remind you that it’s not the price of the present and that if you love someone you should prove it every day not only during V-day, but the same one could be applied to Christmas, right?
I’m single, and I don’t mind saying it, also I don’t mind sharing that I don’t feel miserable about it, in fact, I love my singleness, I don’t feel empty or incomplete just because I don’t have prince charming in my life.
And what’s even more, I love Valentine’s day, and here is why.
1. It's the only holiday in which you can use as much pink and red as you want!

2. Heart shapes is allowed in everything

3. You can be corny as hell and no one mind it, so embrace your corny moment and wear all the lace and frills you want

4. Chocolate, you can eat as much as you want and no one can judge you for it!

5. Another excuse to hangout with your besties and enjoy those ridiculous movies you love so much!

Well, probably I’m not going to be posting on V-day but I think it’s important, more now than ever to remind those you love how important they are for you, to contact old friends, to make the time to go for a coffee, to buy flowers just because they are pretty and forget about the commercial side of the holiday and really do it just for yourself.

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