Friday, October 19, 2012

The Halloween Tree / Book Review

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Yesterday was one of those days, you know, a bitter sweet day. I didn't have the best day at work, and that made me feel a little bit upset, but, that's it, work is work, i do it because i have to, and even when most of the time i enjoy it, it's only a job, nothing further, it doesn't define who i am, or what would i'll be. And things like that would not make me down, or change the way i see life. I've never been the kind of person who constantly care about what others think of me, and this time is going to be the same.

The sweet part was that i completed my reading challenge!!!!!
The last book i read of this challege was The Halloween Tree, by Ray Bradbury. A lovely story about how different cultures in different time celebrate the day of the deaths. I live in Mexico, and reading this reminded me about this beautiful tradition :)

The story is about 8 kids who go in an adventure with a mistery character, to learn about this celebration and at the same time, they would try to save one of their friends who was taked by the Death.
It was lovely read who this little kids decided to sacrifice something important to save the life of their friends, because honestly that's what friendship means, not only chatting and have a good time, but be there in good and bad, all the time.

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