Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get a cool birthday present for myself

Hello sunshines

It's very sunny here, i'm not a sunny kind of person, autumn and winter are my fav seasons, but today is lovely, specially since this morning i was freezing.

Anyway, here's another little update in my resolutions.
For my birthday (march 22th) i wanted something really special. I usually make handmade gifts for family and friends but i never do pretty things for myself. On the other hand i try tu buy them what they really want -if those things are in my posibilities- and of course i bought something for myself, not a big thing or an expensive one, just a tiny little detail just to remind myself that is my birthday.
This year i said NO MORE, because honestly, even when your family and your friend gave you amazing presents, and i'm talking about really pretty things, you don't get what you want the most.
I saved for months, and even when i got my present in two parts (one in april and the other in august), it was totally worth it.

April present:

Did i mention how much i love the hunger games? no? well, yeah, i'm a huge fan of the hunger games saga :)

Auguts present:
This one is a cover up of my first tattoo, which i loved in it's time,but, for some reason i didn't feel the same, so when i talk with the tattoo artits he told me that the skin was damaged when the first tattoo was made, that's why you can notice the little cross in the middle of the skirt.
The original art, it's a draw from my favorite artist and singer, Sherri Dupree

And look this bad quiality pic of the msg that i got when i tagged Sherri to show her my tattoo, i took a better pic with my camera and i would upload it this afternoon but for now you have this :) she made my day not only when she liked my pic but saying that about my tattoo *-*

Well it's time to go, how's your week till now? i'm having a pleasent week, work is a little bit more relaxed than last week, and i made a huge progress with the editing part of the book and the cover desing :)


  1. i just love tattoos, i can't think of a better present!

    1. thanks, i just visited your blog, hope your ok now :)


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