Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Secret Circle

Hey there

Me again, i know, i was just trying to edit the book but for some reason i got distracted and here i am.
Have you ever seen this TV show? i saw the first season completely and felt in love, magic always has this effect on me.

I love the characters, specially Faye, she's the best, even when she's kind of rebel and when i heard about the books, well i have to say that i was over the moon, i needed to have those books, and for christmas, i got them as a present.
Since i was already reading a book on christmas, i decided to make them part of my reading challenge.
The first shock that came to me were the characters, ok don't get me wrong, even when i love the serie so much, the twins and the other girls who were cut out of the serie are great, i mean, really great.
They gave another turn to the story and that's what i love it the most, and how Faye and Diana were ying/yang characters, it was so perfect.
The three books were kind of the first season in some way, at the end of the book 3, well, you know, fitting against Jack Black and that kind of stuff.
I really loved the end of book 3, it was so different of what i was expecting. 
Anyway, the 3 books were great, and here is when the weird part came

I was super happy when i saw there was another book, you see, the cover below, and like me you would think that is from the same autor, until you read the little letters under the autor "written by..."
I was like...what?, are you serious? i don't get it, i thought at first that the autor was tired of the books or something until i read that the editors or whoever did it, took her off the project, they took her story and twisted as they wanted, hired another autor to do more books because more books are more money, even when the story ended perfectly. 
In this story as i've been told, Cassy has a sister, (just like in the serie) and nope, is not Diana, i don't know, i feel this is so wrong, is like if someone ever said to J.K Rowling that she wouldn't write the rest of the Harry Potter books after The chamber of Secrets, and hired someone else to do it, you get my point.
Is wrong that for make more money take off the autor, and use here original idea, her characters and do what you please just for business.
So, for principle, i'm not going to read the new books, i don't care about them and i don't want to know about them, even if they're remotely good, it's not the same, not when some autor is working with the job an original idea of someone else, if this person is really a good autor, should write his/her own books!.


  1. The secret circle is such a good series! the characters are so interesting, this is such a great post :)

    1. Thanks Sara, i just visited your blog, that strip dress is beautiful :)

  2. I've never heard of these, but now you've got my interested piqued! I'm always looking for a good book :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hope you like them, i have to say that my fav of the year is the graveyard book by neil gaiman, did you read it?


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