Thursday, October 4, 2012

three years

I know how crazy this could be, but for those who love their puppies and kitties, you would understand.
Today is the birthday of my sweet little furry boy, and the only thing i could say is how happy and blessed i am for be his momma, so let me share this little tale with you.
It happened on march 28, 2009 when i lost my faithful companion Lauro -my first kitty. And even when i had Manta and Berlioz -my other kitties- i felt something was missing. So one day i told my mom that i wanted a puppy, and she said i was crazy -having two cats and one fish already.
Months passed, and i kept the idea of a puppy in my mind, so i told her once more that i wanted a puppy.
You see, i work in a highschool so the grandmother of one of the students was there in that moment and heard what i was telling my mom -yeah, we work on the same place- and told me that if i really wanted a puppy she would give me one, since her dog was already pregnante.
That's how all started, and one week later three little pups were born.

 And he really loves celebrating his birthday with costums (believe it or not but he does)

His one year bithday he was tigger
Second year he was kenji potter

Later we'll see what he's going to be this year :)

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