Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas presents

Good evening! Yesterday my bestie came and we gave us our christmas presents, and i realize i didn't post here what i got for christmas. so here i am to share with you this pretty things! Momma gave me this:

she also gave me a pair of pink gloves but i can't find them in this silly bedroom of mine -yes i know, i should clean this mess now!-

Bestie fave me this:

And i bought myself an ipod 5th generation in pink but also i bought myself this, i post a pic in instagram a few weeks ago but here's a proper pic of it:

Hope you guys got pretty things and if not, well hope you had lots of love and happiness, pretty things are not always the best, but when you got them with love, that's what matters the most.
Anyway I'm working on my resolutions for this 2013, even when i started a few of them in christmas day, i still making a few more in new years eve. Love this new tradition! Christmas resolutions and New Years Eve resolutions, well, we'll see how this goes.


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