Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lauro's Roses

Hello my darlings

Last Thursday i posted a picture of Lauro's Roses but i didn't said who Lauro was. Well, I know this could sound -or read- kind of silly, but for me, my cats are like my babies, same as my dog. I love them and they are part of my family, a huge part!
Lauro was the first cat that I ever had and he was the best friend and companion a person could have. He lived with me for 11 years, since he was a little baby -3 or 4 months old when he arrived with me- and had a good life. He was the most spoiled cat ever, he used to sleep with me like he was a teddy bear -yes i hugged him like that- and when he died he left a huge hole in my heart.
I love my other cats so much, same as my dog, they are special in their own way, they love me, i know they do, but Lauro was all the time with me, even when i was taking a shower he needed to be in the bathroom waiting for me.
When he passed, well, i couldn't just let him go to another place, so I buried him myself outside my house, in the little front yard. My mom bought this rose plant and since then he always gave me the most beautiful little roses.

3 years ago, we had to leave our home for an indundation, we lost a lot of things, plants included, but the Lauro's plant survived, and the day we came back home, the plant was full with tinny bottons just for us. Guess he missed us too.
I take this pics last week, and I wanted to share them with you, because my beautiful baby is still here, celebrating a new year in a different form :)

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