Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

Well, I'm really excited for this 2013, i hope this year would be a great year for all of us, and cheers for starting fresh!
I know lots of people are doing this kind of post, but what can i say?, it's the happiness of the moment.
So here they are, my resolutions/goals for this 2013, hope I can accomplish most of them!

I started this projects a few days ago as a new tradition for Christmas!

1. Project 365 a photo a day (7/365)
2. Project 365 self portraits: since i get bored easily of this and it's like my 5th attempt on doing it, i decided to change a little bit the dynamic. I'm a huge fan of criminal mind, so i made found all the quotes from season 1-7, printed and cut them, they weren't enough for the 365 days, so i added a few quotes that i love, so each day i take one of this papers -randomly- and take a picture trying to capture the quote, we'll see how this goes :)
3. Project 365 photocabine pictures
4. Project 365 vlog challenge: i decided that instead of make all the topics just simply vlog about my day
5. Project Amelie Santa Style 26 weeks: this little fella is going to have little trips in my town this year

6. Project Walking Pictures 26 weeks
7. Project life 52 weeks Amelie Style (adaptation): while I loved the concept of documenting my whole year, i want to save my pennies as much as I can this year, so instead of buying an expensive package that maybe i'm not going to use properly, i decided to use all the scrapbook paper that i have and make my quote cards myself with the quotes that i love the most from goodreaders. Also, i want to combine my daily life with things that remind me Amelie movie, and inspire me :)
8. Project Mom 52 weeks, I'm going to take a picture of my mom every week, I would love to do it daily but i don't want to make her feel uncomfortable, so a pic per week is better for her :)
9. Project Mom a documentary: i love my mom and sometimes, even when we live together, i don't take the time to talk to her apart from stuff from work, so i decided to make a documentary about her, ask her questions about her past, her childhood, how she met my dad, every single detail, and at the end of the year i'm going to make a video with this tinny ones :)
10. Project snapshot 150 words

11. Do a stop motion film
12. Record 26 happy moments and do a video with them
13. Complete the 26 bands from A-Z
14. Learn to play the guitar
15. Learn to read the tarot
16. Learn to sew and make the BW's wardrobe project (if i lose weight)
17. Learn 10 recipes and write them on my recipe notebook
18. Go to a picnic
19. Help my mom more with the house keeping
20. Keep my bedroom tidy and clean it every thursday or friday
21. Learn the basic of french
22. Read 27 books (including the Jane Austin books, I just saw the movie again and I'm thinking on follow that order)
23. Scan all the pictures that I have and make a file with them
24. Watch the sunrise and sunset the same day and take pics of them
25. Write a message in a public place
26. Build a blanket fort
27. Make a visualization board
28. Keep my new traditions for Christmas and make new ones for my birthday
29. Start an unusual collection
30. Purchase the new albums from Eisley, Merriment, The Honey Trees, Chardboardkids, Chauntelle, and the special edition of HP books
31. Buy a toy camera and fill 5 films with it
32. Do a tourist tour in my town and post it here
33. Leave more notes for strangers during the Walking Project
34. Get two more tattoos (one for GOT and one for my mom)
35. Write more letters to my friends
36. Get a PO BOX
37. Transcribe John Keats letters in aged paper and keep them in a box treasures

38. Drink water daily
39. Meditate daily
40. Lose a few pounds
41. Don't drink soda for 6 months
42. Do 15 mins of stationary bicycle daily (0/365)
43. Do the Pilates routine for 6 months
44. Do the a mile per day challenge

For the soul
45. Write one thing I am grateful daily (0/365)
46. Write something great that happened every week on a paper and keep them in the memory jar
47. Go to church for 26 weeks
48. Keep the promise that i made to myself and wear my ring daily
49. Don't complain about anything for 4 weeks
50. Don't criticize and when someone start gossip of someone else keep your politic "don't know/don't care"
51. Buy the dream job e-course
52. Have the job of my dreams!
53. Re-edit Sacred Wizards and don't give up on it
54. Write the second part of Sacred Wizards
55. Do the Christmas Challenge again but trying to do something for others all the year

56. Open my etsy shop
57. Make 100 sales on my etsy shop
58. Keep blogging no matter what and plan every week my posts
59. Networking more
60. Have 100 followers or more
61. Start a saving account
62. Pay all my debs and be deb free
63. Save all the money of my sales on etsy for my travel
64. GO TO THE WIZARDING WORLD on december :) (i have to save a lot for this, but i decided that it's my dream and i'm going for it)
65. Keep track of my resolutions
66. Photograph everything that I accomplish of this list

Well that's my tinny list for this year :) How about yours? working on it?


  1. Awesome goals! I'll be seeing you around on project 365! :)


    1. sure thing, following you already there :)

  2. Lovely blog and I'm following! I hope you can follow me back :)


    1. Thanks Patricia, I'm following you girl!

  3. Great resolutions, hope you accomplish all of them!

  4. wow, this is a lot of stuff! i hope you get to do all of it :)) xoxo

    1. Thank you my darling :) I'm a huge fan of big lists!

  5. I love that you put categories and then goals within them. That's a smart way to not get too overwhelmed. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Miki, I tried to make it more simple since is a huge list and that itself could be overwhelmed :)


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