Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Presents (Part 1)

Good Morning my darlings

Or should I say good afternoon? oh well, I'm on vacation mode so for me is morning since I left bed a couple of minutes ago, and now I'm trying to make something decent for lunch. Mommy dearest had to work and she would be here any minute now, and since the poor soul got the flu the past weekend, I have to pamper her like she did to me on my birthday :)

And talking about birthdays, omg, i had a good one, even when i had to work, I had a great day, now is time to share a few snaps of the presents that i got!
All of this came from the same person, the woman that I call my third mom, she's a wonderful person, a tender human being and the best friend in the world. B knows me pretty well, and she made this huge surprise for me!
 The note says: Today is joy day. The gift is tinny but the hug is huge for someone superspecial!

 Crazy sucks with funny figures and hearts, colorful sucks for me! And a beautiful journal
 Chocolates because i love them
 And this amazing friend who I named Edmund (from King Edmund of Narnia)
 Kenjiato wasn't happy for this monkey business
 Neither Manta, but in the end she let him pamper her :)

To all of you who got Sacred Wizards for Free, thank you, wish I could read your opinion about it.

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