Saturday, March 2, 2013

Curiosities Part 1

Saturday my darlings!
And I'm loving this second day of March! It's cold and I'm wearing my pjs, and my harry potter scarf that my best friend made for me.
Since my birthday is coming  i decided to share a few details or "curiosities" about myself.
Starting for this: My name is Dulce Maria, and i was named after my grandmother. She was my father's mom, and i heard a lot of her in my younger years, since she passed away 3 years before I was born.
What I know about her is that she was a happy woman, always making jokes, playing games with my grandpa -who was a very serious person-. She had an electric personality, and she was always the soul of the parties.
All my aunts always remember her with love and warm, even now.
This is her in her wedding day, she was a hottie, and i would really love to have her dress.
 It's weird how you lost so many things with the years, moves, and even with weather situations (like Karl hurricane 2010), but some remain. This is a picture of her at age 15. You most be wondering why let a pretty picture in a shabby and kind of ugly portrait, well, she made that portrait with toilet paper and glue, that's why i keep it.

 Did you notice the bracelet? it's a silver bracelet, and guess what...
 I don't know how I still have it, but it was gave to me when i was little. I remember going to my parents bedroom, and looking in my mom's jewelry box, asked her to wear my grandma's bracelet, and she always let me. One day, when i was I think 12, she told me it was time to have it. And till that day, had been with me. I don't wear it a lot, since people once confused it with a punk bracelet :(

 It's sad to think that something so old, is now mistaken with a trend that have nothing to do with it, but still, i love it and i treasured. I adore this bracelet because it kept me close to a woman that even when i didn't know her, I do know she was great, and I love her.
So there you go, you now know who was the first Dulce in my family and I'm very proud of my name for that.


  1. beautiful i adore vintage stuff but i dont have nothing :( pliz check my blog and follow me back if you like it

    1. i wish i could have more vintage stuff! Visited your blog and i love it, following you :)


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