Sunday, March 3, 2013

Curiosities Part 2

Sunday Noon my dearest

It's warmer than yesterday, and I have to say that I'm still wearing my pjs, I have no intention to go out, so I guess I'm going to watch a movie with my mom or read a little. I haven't been reading as I wish to, but that's not what I wanted to share with you today. No, no, no, what I wanted to share with you is this: the first gift I got in my life.

I remember reading on my baby book -yes! i had one of those- that my father went the afternoon of the day I was born to bought me my first gift, a white gold earrings with a tinny little diamond. My mom always told me about them, and she fave them to me when I was 9 because my gold baby earrings didn't work properly anymore.
Years passed and I still have both pair. The diamond earrings I wear them only in special occasions like a party or when I need all the positive energy and love, like when I made my dissertation for get my college degree.

 This is an oleo paint that a friend of my parents made of me, with a picture they gave it to her. I was the flower girl in my neighbor wedding, and I couldn't be more happier, this is a memory that I still have fresh in my mind, since I loved wear that dress because it made me feel like a princess. Also I love this paint because it looks so old and i love to make jokes to my friends with it telling them that it was my ancestor, and they actually believe it!
 A little close up for the gold earrings -and yes, my hair was straight, don't know what happened with it :)-

Did you remember or still have the first present that your parent's gave you?

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