Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and while i spent all day with my mon, i guess it's appropriate to share with you a little more about this amazing and wonderful woman.
My mom taught me that no matter what she would be there for me whenever i needed her -which with time i can say it was true.
My mom taught me to work, to never depend of a man to get things done -even when she was married for 34 years, when it was time, she decided to divorce my father and start over, never afraid, not looking back, only doing the necessary to have a good life.
She also taught me too to enjoy life plenty and to smile!
She taught me to be positive and to express myself as i wanted.
She show me to do crafts and let my imagination free! There's magic around us and she always let me believe it.
She took me to watch all the Harry Potter's movies -even when i was a grown woman and bought me popcorn, she was happy for me when i was placed in Gryffindor when i was accepted in pottermore.
She let me dye my hair as much as i wanted, and even when she doesn't like tattoos she likes mines.
She's the kind of woman who always listen, and even my friends love her, she welcome them to her house and they know they could count on her too. My best friend -who is gay- told her his preferences and not to his own mother, because my mom doesn't judge but accepts you as you are and loves you!
I could keep writing long and long about how wonderful this woman is, but i would let it in this: Thank you dear Lord for sent me to the womb of this fantastic woman, to let me grow with her, and let her guide me all the steps of my life!

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