Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little crush

Lets go back 10 years or so, that was the time that i started to go to church frequently. I made a promise to go every sunday for a whole year (promise that i successfully accomplish). One day when i was arriving church, the prior service was ending and the pilgrims were leaving the church, and then i saw him...he was handsome, he was the intellectual type with glasses, smiling (yes, with a beautiful and masculine smile), simply gorgeous! -in this point i have to say that discretion is not of my stronger points, so obviously he noticed that i was staring at him-.
My mom said in that moment, did you know that guy?, who? i asked and she pointed to the other gorgeous guy who was staring at me. They were brothers, and the handsome type of brothers!.
By the next sunday my mom woke me up earlier, so we went to the service at 8:30, and boom they arrived, i forgot to mention that they were three brothers, but the little one -well, even when he was handsome too, he was too young for me to notice-.
That's how it started. I went to the same service for almost 2 years, and watch the same guy who sometimes didn't show up. He knew obviously that i had a crush on him, i think all the members of his family knew.
We never talk to each other, but from time to time i caught him staring at me too.
The weird part was his mom. She was the kind of mom that intimidates you, but what really freaked me out was that if for some reason we were in the same place, she looked at me, like "looked at me" you know the kind of look that it's impossible to mistake, and a few minutes later i saw her son with his pretty smile.
In one occasion my mom and i were at the movies, and they arrived, the whole family, and his mom saw us, and went directly to sit next to us. My little crush noticed how uncomfortable i was for it, so he told his mom to went to other sits. 
I know, it was kind of weird, but even tho, i have only pretty innocent memories of it.
I stopped to went to church for laziness, and i guess they stopped for school. Last friday my best friend and i were talking about it, remember the three brothers (my best friend had a crush with the little one). Anyway we were wondering what happen to them. 
My mom saw their mom the other day in a different church. The lady recognized her and nodded her head as a salutation, which was kind of cool, i mean after all these years she still remember us, or at least my mom.
I would love to see him, i'm wondering if he's married or if he's happy with his life.
So, that was my little crush... and here you have my other crush, the one who sings beautifully. 

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