Friday, July 19, 2013

COMPENDIUM: a horror novelette / Book Review

Hey guys, awesome week i had, thank God work is slow these days and finally i had time to catch up with my reading challenge. I finished finally Inferno by Dan Brown, and Compendium: a horror novelette, but i'm going to write about Inferno in other time.
Compendium: a horror novelette by Roxie Prince, let me start with Roxie. I unfortunately don't have the pleasure to know her in person, and I really wish one day i could sit down and drink a cup of coffee and chat for hours with her, because she's one of the persons who i admire for her strength, and because she's a lesson of life.
I can't recall what was the post i read a couple of years ago that made me start follow her on livejournal, or maybe it was a picture...I'm not sure, but i tell you this, i added her to my reading list, and then on facebook, and since that day we follow each other on twitter and on instagram, vine and i can't recall either if on tumblr too, oh well, the point is that she's a beautiful soul, and has the most contagious laugh (i love to watch her videos on youtube).
She encourage me when i was writing Sacred Wizards, and when she ask for people to hear one short story she recorded, obviously i said i'm in!, same when the second draft of another story.
So obviously i was super excited when i read that she finally decided to publish one of her books.

"Humanity has fallen victim to an apocalyptic condition in which the affected become bloodthirsty monsters out of the most terrible of nightmares. Different people, different situations, same hellish circumstances — what would you do?"

Some people could classify Compendium as another "zombie" kind of book, but it's much worst than that because these "humans" don't lost reality like zombies do, they can talk, they can recall who they were, and for me, it was more disturbing than a simple zombie book. 
My only complain about this book is that I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!! 
Hopefully Miss Prince would release another of her books soon because i can't wait to read more of her.


  1. How have I never heard of Horror novels? That sounds awesome!

    1. oh you should try it, horror novels are great!


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