Friday, July 12, 2013

flashback friday: Cordoba is for coffee

I was intending to make another kind of post, but i few minutes ago, while i was searching for something in my backup disc, i found these pictures, so i thought why not? in 2010 one of my best friends and I went to Cordoba to visit my dearest BFF, we had a lovely weekend and i took lots of pictures that i think i shared somewhere, maybe facebook, maybe on those space blogs from msn.
Cordoba is well known for the coffee, and in these three different places the coffee was specially delicious.

This one in particular took my breath away, because it was a coffee and library!

The front looks so traditional and antique, but the interior is quite different...

in the middle of the coffee place you can see coffee plants

and the interior is quite modern, it has three different areas, decorated in different styles...

we loved this one for the kraft paper art on the walls

I'm thinking of share more of this pictures soon, you have to see the museum and the interior of the second coffee, and one of the classic places in Cordoba, "the Portales" but that would be in other occasion.
Have a nice weekend guys!

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