Monday, July 15, 2013

Goodbye Cory...

I thought seriously about writing this post or not, but i needed to. It was 1 a.m when i read the news about Cory's death, and honestly i couldn't believe it. It was the same when Heath Ledger, i had to read it twice to make sure what the words said.
For some people it could be silly, i mean i didn't know this person, he was an actor and period, but some could relate. They're human beings just like you and me. And even when you don't cry for all the people in the news who died in terrible accidents, you feel sorry for their families, and for them, because that's human nature, that's what make us human, the capacity of feel love, and sorrow for those who are in despair.
Right now my hearth is with her fiance, i can't even imagine who sad she must be, specially when in two weeks they were going to get marry.
I cried, honest been told here, because a talented young person died, because a young woman lost her love, and a mother lost her son, and a father lost his son, and a brother lost his sibling, and a friend lost his soulmate.

This was my favorite interpretation of him, and a little way to honor his life.


  1. I felt the same way. Once we think of them not as a famous person, an actor, a celebrity, but as someones son, friend, love you can't help but take a moment to mourn. Beautiful post

    1. thanks girl, it's sad, and what saddest me the most is how his image is going to be exploit by the tv and all the media :/


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