Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Heart Wanders

I’m not quite sure why I waited too long for write this review, guess I was still trying to assimilate all the beauty in the book itself. But like with a lot of things in my life, things happen for a reason, -that should be my mantra-, and to be honest, I’m glad that I waited till now, because probably someone out there who read this entry and who doesn’t know about this book would buy it, and maybe this person would fall in love with it, as much as I did.
Maybe it would help someone to take the risk she’s been wanted to take and till now couldn’t find the courage.
Maybe it would be just another review that you’re not going to read of a book you don’t even care, but who knows? Right?
So here I am, in the middle of something, trying to find the perfect words to go with the next images, trying to express correctly something that at times it’s impossible to express.
I read about the book thanks to “Her Library Adventures”, it was one of those rare occasions in which I had a spare hour at work, I had everything done for that day and I needed to relax a little bit. Anyway, what better way to relax than check pinterest or blogloving?. So there I was checking one by one the post of the day, when one in particular caught my eye. She was asking for help for a fundraising proyect. Something I wasn’t at all unfamiliar since I love kickstarter and from time to time I recommend a project which I truly love.
The project was a book, so obviously my attention was totally on, and when I read more and more about the project and the review that Sophie made about the author, I didn’t have other choice than to go and found out more about this particular person, a stylist!
I’m sure one day I’m going to buy all her books, but for the moment this one in particular was the one I wanted badly! So when my mom gave me the option as a birthday present, instantly I said “The book!”
It arrived a few days after my birthday (March, 22nd) and when it arrived my heart skip a bit. Not because I was so happy for it arrival, that didn’t last, it was when I opened the book and read made a quick look to all the pages, then I smell it and there’s when the heart thing happened, because the smell wasn’t only of a new book, but it has something else, a mix of melancholy with adventure and forgotten dreams.
“My Heart Wanders” talks about adventure, about taking risks, but must of all, it talks about let behind the what if’s and go on with your dreams. It doesn’t talk about how wonderful a life in Paris could be, if something I learned about this book is it’s honesty, Pia Jane really share with you her heart, she invited you to read her most intimate thoughts and still you feel like you’re talking with a long time friend, someone who you can talk about anything, tell her about all is bothering you, your hopes, your ideas, and you know perfectly well that she’s the one who is going to understand you, that’s what the book made me feel.
I have so many dreams that I forgot, that I let go because life happens, but reading this book I remember, and what is more important, I know that all this hard work is for something, that I should keep going no matter what.


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    1. and it's even more when you're holding it in your hands :)


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