Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Damn! I did it again

The oops didn't properly fit in the title, but the rest says exactly how i feel.
You see, for months i've been complaining abou how i missed my long hair, trully really missed! I wondered why i cut it in the first place, etc., but honestly the part that keeps me wondering is this, why i keep cutting my hair? If all the time i miss my long hair, why i don't let it grow?
It happened again, i was at home, watching my marathon of American Horror Story (asylum) when i decided to do it, just like that, i dyed first my medium long hair, took a shower and then brutally cut it.
The result was this:

Do i feel confortable with the result? Well not at all, but at the same time it was necessary, even more for all the dye hair color going on on my hair, and for what? The black is still there, oh well it would grow and this time i'm going to keep the scissors far away from me!
Btw look how awesome my new boots are


  1. wow.. i could never do something like that.. go from watching tv to just chopping off my hair

    1. silly ideas came any time, when i cut it the first time i was chatting with a friend and suddenly the idea came to me :/

  2. great boots dear...

  3. Replies
    1. more silly than brave, but thank you!


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