Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY: Grany Square Crochet Blanket

I wrote before how excited I was about the first blanket i made in crochet, it was the first big project that i made and i'm very proud of it.
First by no means, i'm not an expert in crocheting, and there are lots of great tutorials out there, but i thought it would be nice make this tutorial, for future references.

1. Chain 4  and then join then with a slip stitch to form a ring. Once is ready chain 2 which are going to be your first double crochet
 2. Make 11 double crochets in the center of the ring (in total you're going to have 12) and join them with a slip stitch. Chain 2 more, and then the first double crochet to the center of the joining point. Then 2 double crochets in each loop (by the end you would have 24)

 3. Chain 3, then make your first double crochet in the next loop, chain one and then double crochet to the next loop. Keep going till you used all the loops and join with a slip stitch.
 4. Time to change of yarn and make the square. Like i mentioned before there are lots of ways to make a square, this one was the easy way for me and the one i liked the most.
 I joined the cream yarn to the place where i finished my circle. Chain 4, do a triple crochet in the same loop, chain 4 and in the same loop as the other two, make 2 triple crochet.
Chain 2 leave 2 loops and in the third make another triple crochet and chain two, leave 2 loops, a triple crochet, chain two, leave 2 loops make 2 triple crochet, chain 4, and in the same loop make other 2 triple crochet. Keep going till you form the first square, and join it with a slip stich.
For the second round of the cream yarn, chain 4, make a triple crochet in the same loop where you joined the square, chain 4 and do 2 more triple crochet. Chain 1 and do a triple crochet in the middle of the 2 triple crochets from the first round (see the next picture)

I keep going this way, after the triple crochet in the middle of the 2 triple crochet from the first round, i chain 2 and do a triple crochet in the next loop. when i was arriving to the point were the 2 triple crochets were, i chain 1 and did the triple crochet just like in the beginning, and then 2 triple crochets in the next loop, chain 4 and 2 triple crochets.
5. I made two round with the ombre yarn, and started just like the cream rounds, starting in the union of the square, chain 4, do a triple crochet in the loop, chain 3 do 2 more triple crochet, and repeat in each loop of the second cream round. This apply for the round one and two of the ombre yarn.

I made a final round with the cream color, repeating the process with the ombre yarn.
In total i made 30 squares.
 To join the squares, i found this site which offers 10 different ways to join them, i chose the first one, since it was the one i liked the most.
When i finished joined the all the squares, i made a single crochet around all the blanket.


  1. Thats so beautiful I want to learn how!

    1. it's easy, i learned following pictures and some instructions on internet :)

  2. I have to learn how to do this before I die! Totally on my bucket list :)

    1. Do it, if i did it of course you can! now i'm curious about your bucket list :)

  3. love this.... i really have to try crochet again! i can knit, but crochet just kills me :)

    1. To be honest my hands were killing me by the end of the project, but i really enjoyed the experience :)


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