Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It freaks me out!

Hello dears!

How you had a great start of the week yesterday, mine was windy! omg there's nothing i love more than windy days! My best friend and i laughed a lot when i said that i could hear the wind singing and the silly asked "how that sounds?" and the only more silly answer that could came to my mind was something like "huuuuuuu huuuuuuu"
Anyway, enough with the bad jokes, today i'm sharing 3 things that completely freaks me out!
NOTE: it's not my intention to criticize or anything, i'm sure there are people who could love those things, but they are not for me, and what is worse, they give me the creeps!

1. Anything with snake print!, i'm seriously afraid of snakes, so even  posting this pictures gave me goose skin. It doesn't matter the color, style, the fact that it has snake print kills me:

2. I know how popular this became in the last couple of years, i know how much lots of bloggers love it, and how great idea they think it is, but chalkboard walls are terrible for me! I'm not against chalkboard decorations, i even had a small part of chalkboard behind my door, but a whole wall?, and erase and write again? Not for me, thank you very much, the wall looks so dirty that even a person like myself who isn't a cleaning freak person, well it bothers me, and a lot!

3. Taxidermy: ok i know how some people loves to hunt, and even consider it as a sport. It would be hypocrite of my self deny the fact that i eat meat, and chicken and fish, because i do, and even when I feel guilty for it, sometimes i had too because i'm week. But one thing is go to the market and bought a piece of meet, and other is to look in the face to an animal who was brutally killed just for sport or whatever, so taxidermy, any kind of it, freaks me out, and see deer heads hanging in a wall, is the worse!

Guess after this i'm going to have nightmares but i wanted to share something different here in the blog, guess it's ok from time to time, not only share what you love, but share what give you the creeps, you know, another glimpse of who we really are.

How about you?


  1. You LIKE windy days? Oh I HATE them! And I live in one if the windiest towns in my state... I think I'm pretty picked on :)
    But amen to all 3! I've never been a fan of snake skin stuff, or animal print for that matter! And I had a 16x20 chalkboard that I wrote on each week to document my pregnancy... after that? I never want to see a chalkboard again. I'm thiiiiiiiiis close to throwing out the one I used during pregnancy, ha ha! The only reason I'll keep it is for my baby to play with! And I'm just not a fan of taxidermy but I know it's totally a pride thing for men. So, if my hubs ever gets into it? They will go in the garage ;)

    1. Windy days here are equal to less hot days for us, which could be pretty hot! Chalkboards are great for kids, but a whole wall? that's what gave me the creeps :)


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