Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's talk about food

Hi guys

I think a lot about writing this post or not, but to be honest, i needed to say something about it. You see, I have a food problem. Last night a read this amazing post , the tittle is pretty obvious: 5 places to dumpster dive and even when thank God, my mom and I have always something in our plates, it made me realize the problem we have about food.
Here is the thing, in her post, she recommended 5 places to find food in great conditions in dumpsters, i mean, all the food bakeries, and coffees and restaurants throw because they're not going to use it the next day, because the bread of today is not going to be the fresh bread of tomorrow, and instead they throw the remain pieces to the garbage!

These brave girls shared this amazing post, and this is what make it even more beautiful and perfect, they are not ashamed to say "i save so much money by doing this" or "The best thing could ever happen to a college student" because is right, how many college students are hungry because they're budget is not enough, because they are ashamed to admit it, but not only college students, people in general. There are so many families who doesn't even have the necessary to cover a basic meal. And once more, there are food in the garbage! Good Food!.

At the beginning of the post i said that i have a problem with food, well, here it is, i'm like the bakery store, or the coffee shop, or the restaurant. I'm not thin at all, but it's not my weight what i'm going to talk about here, it's my way to eat. 
Every single week, no matter what, my mom do the groceries, she buys fruit (for her) and vegetables (for both), sometimes she buys ham, and cheese, and meat and eggs, and chicken, and pasta, rice and beans, she buys bread, and she buys cereal.
I eat the vegetables, and i eat the pasta, rice and beans most of the time. The ham only the first day, when is "fresh", the rest of the days i don't even touch it. The cheese is the same. 
Only last week, she had  to throw 1/2kg of meat because she left it on the fridge for me, and i didn't eat it, and we forgot about it and of course it started to smell funny. 
This is just an example of how many food we throw to the garbage.
And then i started to think, most of the money that i save every payment day, it goes to buy food, you know, a little pleasure like eating in subway, or go to a restaurant with her, but all the money that i could spare in something else or save go directly to food, sometimes we bought things that we don't eat, and end in the garbage.
Last night after reading the post, maybe she doesn't need to save money, maybe she saves the money for buy clothes or something, but whatever the reason she's doing it, she made me realize of the necessity of others, and made me feel ashamed of how i've been acting about food. Giving for granted that i'm always going to have something in my plate.
What is worst, i don't have savings, because i waste my money in food. 
All the year i've been struggling, trying to change something in my life, trying to do better, like the challenge of not eating meat for a month or not drinking soda, i quit on them after a week, and i felt terrible for it, and i'm not saying that i'm going to quit to food, come on, that would be insane, but i need to change the way i see food, the way i waste it, and buy with more responsibility.
It's true what Oscar Wilde wrote once: "We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.”

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