Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Facts

Hello there!, since i shared a few things that i do not like, i thought it would be nice to share a few random facts about me :)

Fact 1: when i was a kid i was allergic to plushy toys, that was the reason all those toys were at the top of the closet 
Fact 2: i got that scar when i was 3 years old, trying to pull down a toy (see reason 1)

Fact 3: Snow White is my favorite Disney princess of all time, even when the movie scared me a lot!

Fact 4: my mom makes the most delicious tiny nuts sweets, i can eat them all day! (This little jar full on my birthday, the pic was taken by the evening and it was half empty by that time)


  1. thanks for sharing! I always love reading new random facts! xoxo


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