Sunday, November 10, 2013

chest drawers makeover

When i was about 10 or maybe 11, I discovered how much i hated my bedroom. Mom always made me to kept it tidy, she wanted a girly girl, but honestly I just simply hated it. It wasn't pink, it was boring white, or "hermetic hospital white" as i called it. One day mom asked me why i didn't spent time in my bedroom (I was constantly in hers), so i told her, i told her how much i disliked it. Money wasn't abundant in my family, but my brothers and I always got more than the necessary, so she told me that she would see what we could change. I remember that she made me a beautiful cover for my bed, the fabric was just pretty, hearts inside squares, and different shades of pink, red and of course white. It wasn't necessary to buy new furniture, because that cover made the difference, that and the fact that she helped me to rearrange the old furniture.
I guess she created a monster, because from that date, i became a crazy bedroom changer. You know the kind, not money meant change furniture from its place, move this here, move that there.
Years passed and is not news that i still do it, now earning my own money, and owning our little flat, which means that i can paint the walls the color i want and as frequently as money and time let me. But there's been almost two years since i painted it blue, and i kind of like the color. And still, the crazy bedroom changer in me had been feeling a little under control these days. To be honest, i'm sick of the disaster that i call bedroom. So i started with baby steps.
This is how my poor chest drawers had been looking thanks to my dear Manta scratches here and there:

So, since she was responsible for this outrageous crime, she decided to help me, and...

 we worked all saturday, first removing the bad painted, i usually use water based paint, since it's super easy to remove and for a crazy bedroom changer like me, that's a good thing. 

then we gave it a new color. I used a few acrylics that i had at home.

I saw this pretty chest drawers a few months ago when i went with my mom to the gallery, an amazing place, four floor of furniture. It has amazing pieces, but quite expensive. And honestly pay almost $550 for something so small, was a lot, my chest drawers was bigger!

The good thing about do your own projects at home is that you can give them your own touch, so I'm sorry my queens, i'm sure you made pretty awesome stamps, but i'm not sure that i want to see your faces daily, so instead, i did my own! I didn't had color ink, so i printed them in black and white and then gave them a hand with water colors. (the ones below are the originals)

I added little touches here and there with quotes that i loved 

 And this is the final result:

I spent the total amount of: $0 yes you read right, i only used materials that i had at home, little acrylics, water, glue, paper and it was regular paper.
What do you think?

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