Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October challenge

One of my resolutions this year was to take a picture daily, and while i've been neglecting most of the resolutions from my huge and modified list, at least I tried to stick with this one. Take a picture daily could be boring, specially if most of your days are stuck in the routine, -wake up early, take a shower, wear the horrible uniform, go to job, go back home feeling like your soul had been sucked up, make lunch for yourself, and so on. The bright moments of the day, well, when i play with the silly puppy and the more silly cats, when mom came home and we watch a tv show, and had a little chat, when i go to bed and read a little, or just catch up with the blogs i love, or like in those very bad days, i only watch pretty pictures that i've been saving in my pc just for those occasions.
So most of my pictures are about that, about cats, and dog, me being silly, and so on, but from time to time, i love to make one of those challenges that you find on instagram or in some blogs, and then again, some became so redundant that you stop trying, but if you're lucky, you could find the one that would keep you posting and taking pictures because even if the pictures sucks, the words are quit interesting. So this is the result of the Octuber challenge, by the idea room.
Ground/organize/share/i feel.../above/new/travel/details/friend/enjoy/experience/comfort/i smell.../black & white/my afternoon/accessory/late/on the wall/layer/a pattern/unique/fall is.../a number/orange/decoration/leaf/hidden/starts with "H"/a shape/soft
The last day of the challenge was of course on Halloween, and was i wore...but since i didn't wear anything in particular, and most of my evening i spent it sleeping for the horrible headache that i have, i skip that day.
And just in case you are interesting in a little challenge, here's November list :)


  1. I love the 365 photo challenge, it is such a good habit and I'm proud of you for making that! It sounds super hard and it is so easy to get caught up and forget, stay strong!

    1. thank you, it's hard for people who doesn't have the discipline like myself, at least i'm going to finish this one but the 365 self portraits, girl i've been trying like billion times and ended up quitting, but one day i will!


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