Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shiny floor

Hi beautiful world, just got out of bed after my cats through the tv and almost hit my face :/
But you know what? I'm in a good mood, actually i'm happy and that's because of my shiny floor, and let me tell you something, i sweat a lot to have a not so ugly and why not say it, pretty floor once more.
Let me start for the beginning, it was february or march, i can't recall correctly, but what i do remember is that about 1am a horrible noise woke me up and than my bed started to shake (yes, just like in horror movies), once i was awake i recognized the noise and i went to calm down the poor cats and the dog who were sleeping in my bedroom and ran as soon as they heard the noise.
This is what happen, it was like a badget was under my white floor (it wasn't a pretty floor, but it was decent)

This is how it ended for months 

Until i had the money, well with a super thight budget i tried to find the cheapest way to make my floor look pretty, so this is what i did, i took off all the remains of the white floor, and tried ti cover the holes.

And then i cut the kraft paper in straps and applied to the floor

This was the final result (or at least before i added the shiny part)

I used polyshades in pecan color 

And now this is how my floor looks like:

Like i said, probably is not perfect, but at least is prettier than the horrible cement look, and is softer too :) 

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