Friday, December 13, 2013

States by The Paper Kites

I thought a lot before writing this post, with so many gift guides going around, which i seriously don't like, well, i felt that i shouldn't be writing about this amazing album, but on the other hand, not recommended it would be selfish, because it's one of my favorites of all the times.
But before i write about it, i just want to clarify a little more about why i don't like "Gift Guides" posts, first i understand that they should promote their sponsors, but why make more commercial a season in which what matters is your love for those who are special for you, in which you share.
I believe that a present is more personal and more appreciate when you work hard to make it, it has more value, but there are not DIYs recommendations out there, only "Buy this" of "buy that", but not "Do this" or "do that".
Then i know lots of those recommendations probably are awesome, but what they share is probably what they want to receive and has nothing to do with what your beloved ones really like.
Well, enough with this.

The Paper Kites is an Australian band, and their music is totally dreamy and beautiful and inspiring, if you like  bands like Eisley, Merriment, The Honey Trees, this is for you!

Their firs EP was magical, but there's something about States that make it even better, probably because you have the change to heard more the beautiful voice of Christina, which is amazing, but the whole album, there is not a single song that i don't like

Here's one of my favorite songs of the album, i really hope you like it :)


  1. What a creative video with all the faces. Love the song!
    xo TJ


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