Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This year I...

Went to six flags in a school trip, and even when it was only a day, i had a great time, specially since it was the only trip i had in the year. The first two pictures are from two of my favorite mexican actors, the others are from my favorite place in six flags.

I got two visits from this silly guy, who makes me so happy because seriously, do you remember that episode in Sex and The City, in which Carrie talks about soul mates, it was her 35 birthday and she was feeling lonely, and then Charlotte suggested that maybe a man shouldn't be their soul mates, but the three of them, well, This Guy is my Soul Mate, he has been for the last 19 years of friendship that we have, and i'm blessed for have him in my life.

This year i took not so great decisions about my hair so i cut it and regret it and hate it and love it

             I read amazing books, but there are a few which were really special to me:
3. compendium: a horror novelette by my sweet friend Roxie Prince
6. Angel Kiss and Eighteen kisses by Laura Jane Cassidy
and last but not least, these ones are the kind that will always be in my heart no matter what The Chronicles of Narnia 

This year i had good experiences and not so great, but the most important was that I had this great woman by my side to made my days shine:
and the best babies in the world

2013 thank you for be a good year
2014 hope you be the best of the years and bring me lots of adventures, good vibes and happiness 

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