Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bits of life lovely sunday

Oh dear, it's been a constant battle but little by little my dear bedroom is looking as i always dreamed even when i never imagined it like this.
I started a project and then is like the room itself guides you in so many directions and new ways and the result is a complete surprise.
Is not ready yet but is closer, and in the process i found old treasures:

Grandpa coins collection which used to be bigger but my brothers used to stole the coins for make phone calls, these ones are the few that i could rescue

My grandparents for my mom side used to have this china set, porcelain brought from Japan since grandpa used to work in the port. These three dishes are the only remain, it belonged to my grandparents before my mom was born and she's currently 62yo so it's at least 65-70 years old
Don't know who was this little spoon but i love it
Pretty fabric and this little clutch :)
And this old lamp, 15 years old, is one of my favorites, yesterday a friend of my fixed and changed the electrical installation and now works perfectly
Have a lovely sunday! 

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