Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Peculiar Children: Manta

By now you must know how much i loved Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Last week the second book was released and of course I had to have it. I've been reading it, slowly because i want to enjoy every single moment of the book, and in case there would be another part or the story ended here, i want to make it last a little longer, I'm not ready to say good bye or see you soon to the Peculiar Children.
So i decided to share with you some "peculiarities" of my "family".
Let us start with who integrate my family: Mom (divorced), Me (of course), Manta (girl cat), Berlioz (boy cat) and Kenjiato (boy dog).
But today we're going to focus on Manta. Here are some peculiarities of my dearest girl.

* Her middle name is Lucrezia, of course after Lucrezia Borgia, that's why her hashtag on instagram is #mantalu
* She has super ear, she can hear when you're opening a tuna can from a long distance and immediately would appear next to you demanding for some tuna.
* You can see by her face if she's happy, if she's sleepy or if she's really mad.
kind of mad

enjoying been pamper

* She also loves breast chicken, not the leg or wings, only breast.
* Jam is not for her unless is prosciutto.
* She doesn't like to cuddle, but when she saw that you're holding Berlioz she let you hold her for a minute or so, but she's so stiff that i wonder if she really enjoys it or only makes it for jealousy.
* She doesn't like Kenji very much, but when he's sleeping she lick his hair
* When someone she doesn't know comes to the house she put her mad face, if she likes him/her she would let them pamper her but never, ever hold her.
* She never liked toys

 * When she plays with me she never bites me.
* She loves to bite Berlioz!
* Usually she doesn't sleep or cuddle with us, but when i'm sick, she comes to cuddle with me.

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