Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Self Portraits...

Once upon a time, a girl (woman) read about a project which at first side sounded super easy, the 365 self portrait challenge, she thought "well, that must be fun, i love to take pictures and what better subject than me!"
Poor silly girl, she couldn't be more wrong about it. this was 2007, and 7 years later, here she is again, in her probably 8 attempt to finish the project.
Self portraits are not that easy, specially if you're having a bad day or if you simply don't want to use make up, or you are so bored with the photos that you had been taking that decided to quit. At least that's what happen in my case, but not all days are bored, and some days are actually fun. You can have an idea and probably it doesn't turn as you expected, but still, you kind of like the way the pictures look like.
Yesterday i was cleaning my usb driver, and found some silly pictures that i almost forgot about it, so i thought that it would be fun to share them here, same as the ones of this new attempt.
Inspired by the ring a few years after its release:

this picture in particular gave me nightmares! silly me, scaring myself with my own image!

And then we have Irene Adler:

Oh dear, how i miss my long hair, i could do a lot of crazy hairstyles! But short hair is fun too, who doesn't love this pretty girl?!

Or Kiki the little witch

And of course my new favorite from Miss Peregrine's house for Peculiar Children, Emma

And these ones i'm not sure what inspired them but they were fun to take too. 

How about you? have you ever take part of this challenge or take pictures inspired in movies or other people?


  1. I can barely keep up with a 30 day challenge, let alone a 365 one!! Oh my goodness. Also, I love the way you tried to recreate these!


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