Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Simple goals for 2014

First thing first: Happy New Year!!!!
Every year i get really excited for new beginnings, for the oportunities and the unknow.
I made plans, lots of them and of course i made lots of resolutions, which at the end of the year didn't turn as i expected.
By november i decided to give another try to the 101 things to do in 1001 days, and i'm going to stick with it, but at the same time i'm going to share with you some simple goals for the year which are also important to me.
I chose a word for 2014 and i'm sure is the perfect word for me, specially because i'm been thinking a lot about it, about how to change my life for good, take more adventures, improve, so my word is DARE 
My goals are pretty simple:
1. Leave my hair alone, which mean no more bleach, or dye it every two weeks, no more crazy cuts, just trim it every two months and let it grow healthy as it used to be.
2. Keep my diet, since i was sick in october, i was on diet until december, this month was a huge disaster since there was a lot of good food to eat, but tomorrow i'm going to start a detox week and go back to healthy, good habits, which mean no more soda or junk food.
3. Become vegetarian, this is something that i've been wanted to do for a long time, and finally this year is going to be the year.
4. Exersice, my body really needs it and not for vanity, but for my health.
5. Control my temper
6. DARE to dream, to create, to live!
And cheers to you!


  1. My only advice with going Vegetarian is just to decide on it and go cold turkey. If you just start weaning off it will be extremely easy to fall off the wagon.

    1. thank you, my main problem is not that i feel temptation for meat, is that my mom eat meat and she's the one who buy the food or sometimes she cooks, during the week i'm the one who cooks and all my meals are basically grains and vegetables, it's just like yesterday i had vegetables for breakfast and lunch and was pretty happy for that and then she came with a huge sandwich that she bought as a surprise, and i ate it because she expend her money on it for make me "happy" :)


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