Saturday, January 4, 2014

Technical Problems

It started with the new year, i got all excited, a new year, a new beginning and finally i told to my self "it's time" time to gave the little blog a new make over, change the welcome picture and the one on my google account, i even changed it on instagram and twitter. I was so excited that i even decided to go for it and buy a cheap domain. I wanted this year to be instead of a, well actually i spent the previous days thinking about changed the name for In Silence Sealed, i even changed the blog title for it and use it a couple of days to see how i feel about it.
When i was getting the domain, in silence sealed was already in use, so i took this as a signal, i should keep the name, after all, curiosities and tales is a name that i really like, even when i don't use it's full meaning in my silly post (something that i intend to change in the present year).
Anyway, i got the domain, i was all happy and ready, so i went to the settings section, and damn it! error 12 appeared! i've been trying the last couple of days to fix it, following the instructions but nothing. I just sent an email to the domain provider, we'll see what happens but for the moment, i'm really disappointed. This serves me well as a lesson, the old blogspot doesn't look as sad as i felt. For the moment, Berlioz and I gave our back to technology, well at least to domains and that stuff, we still love blogger, instagram, flickr and so on :)
Happy new year guys, oh and probably i'm going to share a few pictures of my 365 self portrait (this one is part of it)  till now i'm doing great, not the amazing pictures but still didn't get bored of quit


  1. I love the name you have, it's very representative of your blog :) Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks girl, seriously it really cheer me up about the name :)


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