Saturday, February 22, 2014

100 happy days 16-22

I must start planing my posts, and believe me, i already make a two weeks advance! oh my gosh, that was intense, i mean it's not that i lack of structure on my life, but since i have to plan weekly my classes at work, first i thought let the blog follow its own course, WRONG!, i keep forgetting things that i want to share with you, every time i check the posts i found chaos here and there, it's like it doesn't have consistency, so from now on i'm going to follow a  schedule and stick on it, and if i want to post something else that day, well, two post in one day is never too bad, right?.
Saturdays are my favorite days, because i'm at home, probably watching a movie after do a little home cleaning, and just enjoying my time with the pup and the kitties, that's why my 100 happy days are going to be shared on Saturdays.
Are you still here? thank goodness, here are a few things that made me happy the last couple of days.
You know how much i love the mists of avalon, right? watching the movie makes me happy!

i got the best surprise when my best friend came to see me, he felt to sleep in his way
to his town and the bus left him in my town, i forgot to take a pic with him but
instead i took one of the chocolate he brought me

goofing around with one of my besties

went to the pretty store that my mom and i love, and found this cutie tea pot

being lazy with my mom is the best!

love the way Manta posed in Kenji's picture

this silly boy makes me so happy.

Can't believe that in a month is my birthday already. Have a nice Saturday!

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