Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Chest Drawer second part

Probably you wont remember this, but a couple of moths ago, I made a little make over to my dear chest drawer. I have a big problem with rearranging my bedroom, which sometimes turns out terribly wrong, and others quit chaotic. Well about the chest drawer, finally i arranged it and it looks pretty cool -or at least to me-, and i've been intending to share it with you, the problem is that i don't have an awesome lighting, and i'm not talking about the fancy reflectors or so, i'm talking about "natural light", which is the most recommended for most pictures.
This is the most natural light that you can get:

see my problem? But then i realized that the poor lighting was just an excuse, i mean, ok, you would never going to see perfect illuminated pictures of my bedroom, big deal!, but i'm not going to let that the lack of natural light stops me to share my little place with you.
While i was happy with the colorful drawers and the pictures on the doors, the chest drawers' top need to be varnished.
So i applied the same varnish that i used for the floor.
I hanged the old Europe map that i found (burned a little bit for extra old feeling), and with the amazing fabric that my mom found for me and to embroidery' rings made the wall art.
 I totally love tinny things, which you can see displayed here

Fairies are my favorites, and the rose on the picture is from my Lauro's rose plant
 and on the other side we have Lauro!
The sunset and horse pictures were found on tumblr and of course i print them for motivational purposes
 The christmas presents that my mom gave me, which are musical and i love them!
 The wolf and woman with the hat pictures were found on the interwebs and printed because i just simply loved them, and you must agree how inspirational are!
 and a little close up of the carousel.
Well, like i mention, i'm happy with the result, probably i'm going to share a little bit more in a couple of days, specially my reading nook.


  1. your room has SO many treasures- i especially love the old european map :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. thank you, i felt in love with the european map since i saw it

  2. Oh my goodness...everything here! You have so many perfect little trinkets and treasures, I can't even begin...hehe. That little ferris wheel has me all kinds of smitten :-)

  3. my mom gave it to me as a christmas present, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Loving all of these little trinkets! How fun :)
    xo TJ



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