Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Peculiar Children: Berlioz

About time i continue with my Peculiar Children, I still need to write my review of book two, but before that, let us focus on my second furry baby.
If the definition of "momma's boy" is in the dictionary, Berlioz' picture would be next to it.
He's the most pamper and manipulative cat that you could ever know, but even that, he's my sweet boy!
So let me share a few peculiarities of this silly cat.

* He's a Calico which is kind of weird, since these colors are more common in female cats, not males.

* He has one eye more yellow than the other.

* His middle name is Viserion for one of the dragons of Daenerys from GOT, that's why his hashtag on instagram is #Berliozvi
* Originally his name was Sirius but he never responded to it, we even thought he was deaf, until i changed the name for Berlioz, based in one character of the Aristocats.
* He loves to be hold, but only for me, he even makes a thing with his paws to be lifted.

* He makes the most silly faces when he's sleeping, and the posses too.

* Maddie the ugly bear was his nemesis, and when he lost it after the flotation, he didn't want another toy

* Usually he's the laziest and sweetest cat on earth, except when he's hungry or he's wearing a sweater, or both!
* He saw with me the whole first season of American Horror Story in almost the same position

* He's crazy about christmas, he loves the tree smell and watch the lights.
* He usually doesn't ask for human food, except for almond ice cream!
* Even when he's a sweet boy, he loves to bite me, and when he sleeps with me, he hugs my feet and if i move he bites!

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