Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Peculiar Children: Kenji

Start talking about Kenji is like open the pandora's box, there are so many peculiarities about him that it's hard to choose between one or another, and list them all would be endless, so, let us focus on the most present in his daily life.

* Kenjiato Dondarrion is his full name, but we now him as Kenji, his hashtag on instagram is #Kenjiato.
* At difference than his siblings, which were stray ones, he came from a distinguish family! well, not so distinguish, in reality his grandpa was a Lhasa Apso while his grandma was a Shih tzu, the result was a mix breed named Paris, Kenji's mom, but what would remain a secret is Kenji's father. You see, during that time Paris' family were having a difficult time with a member disease, and the house was really crowded, so they don't know for sure if Paris breed with her brother or her father, but by the time she gave birth, both of them were back to their house in mexico city, so they never met the babies.
* Kenji was the third child, and still is.
* He came to my life thanks to my job, after loosing to my precious boy Lauro (my first cat), i told my mother that i wanted a dog, she said i was crazy because i had Berlioz, Manta and a fish named Kiba, but i insisted. Paris' owner heard our conversation and offered me the dog. At first i couldn't believe it, and to be honest i was tempted to say no, but my mom asked how much do we have to pay for it. The lady said nothing, she wanted to gave the puppies to good families who would take care of them since she couldn't do it by the time, at least not all of them. We thought they would born in a month or so, but two days later, her niece came to tell me "the babies were born last night!" so, he was born the 4th of october, 2009.
* The day i went to see him for the first time, he was about 3 and a half weeks old, his eyes were opening, and he was learning to crawl. While his siblings were after their mother, he crawled to me. The lady saw it and said "omg, that's the one we're going to give you!" so it was love at the first sight.
* A couple of weeks later, the sweet lady brought my puppy to my job, it was november 15, and he was a little scary, but by the time we were at home, started to feel more comfortable and ate all his food. This is him, the first day at home.
   * Mom bought him a little plushy bear for puppies, but he didn't like it, instead, he stole my teddy bear, and since then it has been his favorite!

* He always hated to be styled like a shih tzu must be, these are the only pics of him looking like his breed heritage

* when he was loosing all his milk teeth, he had double fangs!
* Since he didn't let his grandma stylish him like it has to, she took him to a dog stylish, and let him like a girl!
 of course i a lot, and then he came and bite me!
* He suffered a terrible experience with a horrible "vet" once, my mom for gave me a surprise sent him to a recommended vet to groom him, but they hurt him terrible, i was so mad that since that day i started to cut his hair, but he became a little grumpy and didn't let me cut some parts of his hair, so he got terrible knots, to the point that i decided to took him with his regular vet last october and ask her to cut all his hair.

 he was so ashamed for it!
* Sometimes he likes to pretend that he's a plushy toy, and stay in this position until i turn and see him and say how handsome he is.
* I know most dogs hate wear clothes, but he seriously loves it, these are his favorites:

he just loves to move his head down to let his hoodie cover his face

and he has a king's cape, that he can wear as blue or red

* And since he thinks he's the king of this house, he loves to stole my spot on bed, because of the fan

* Did you notice the tongue? yeah, he's always with the tongue out, and like you must be wondering, he drools when he sleeps, like a lot!
* He has a weakness for bread, like big time, but he go totally crazy when my mom is baking! my mom asks him if the bread is ready, and if it not he just stares at her, but when the bread is ready, he starts to jump at her and runs to the kitchen

* My mom hates when he licks her, i'm sure he does it on purpose
* He has a love/hate relationship with Manta, but he always share his blanket with her

* and he's a little stalker!

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