Friday, February 7, 2014

Project Document Your Life

Hi guys!

Probably you know about it, but since back on December I decided to give it a try to this project I thought it must be appropriate to talk about it here.
The project was created by Lauren Hannah, a 18 yo girl from The Netherlands, you can read more about Lauren here.

So what's Project Document Your Life? well, according to Lauren:

Document Your Life is an online video project that will hopefully make you notice the beautiful little things in the world, and inspire you to live your life to the fullest. The idea is to make a video each month, for which you film short clips of the things you’ve seen and done in that month.
I started this project because I wanted to look back on these times when I’m older, in a way that’s more fun and creative than reading old journals. Since then, it has helped me a lot with my recovery from depression and anxiety by going out, doing stuff, seeing friends, and taking little steps out of my comfort zone.
The rules are simple, and you can make your videos as pretty and high quality as you want, you can tag them too, but i must say that the important thing is have fun and enjoy every single moment. 
Lauren also gives a list of artist who gave permission to use their music for the project -with the proper credit of course- which you can find here
And since this post wouldn't be complete with one of Lauren's gorgeous videos, here's her most recent one, please look at the beautiful Wolfs! my heart melted in those seconds.
Hope you enjoy this project if you decided to participate on it, and if you do, please share your videos, i would love to see them!.


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