Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ten Days in a Madhouse / Book Review

If i have to pick a book that really scared me, i must say that Ten Days in a Madhouse would be one of my first choices.
Nellie Bly's journal of being institutionalized for 10 days. An expose of how the "insane" were treated.

Probably you've been wondering what makes this book one of my first choices for a scary book, well, let me start with this: Nellie Bly was a journalist, a real woman like you and me, like your mother or sister, or friend. A woman with determination and passion for her work.
In the 1880's decade, for a request of her boss, she pretended to be a woman with mental problems, which weren't exactly something so terrible since she only cried a little and tried not to sleep and said she was afraid of the women who surrounded her. It wasn't like she was naked on the street or screaming, but in a day she was sent to one hospital and after another day or so, she was sent to one of the most important asylums of the time.
It was impressive the way doctors with only looking at her, without doing a test to truly probe her insanity determined that she was a lost cause.
But it wasn't only her, at least ten women who Nellie met during her experience could be sane as her, one woman, a German woman who didn't speak english, was left there for her son, and she didn't understood what was going on, where she was or even worst, why her son left her there.
But that is nothing compare with the treats the patients received, such like the horrible food, or the cold, or take baths in cold water during autumn, or the way the nurses who were supposed to take care of them, hit 70 year old patients just because they were crying.
Reading that book gave me goosebumps because it really happened, which left me wondering, how many stories, similar to those were or still are in Mental institutes?.
It's a short book, because the author only narrate a few facts, it's not a "dear diary" kind of book, but go to the point book. Highly recommended if you want to know more about the injustice women suffered during that period, or worst, the injustice to people who can't defend themselves, and who nobody believes in them.

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