Saturday, March 1, 2014

100 Happy Days 23-30

Another day to celebrate silly moments that make our life so much better!

 Kenji refusing to eat while Manta eats his food
 The days this girl visits me at work are the best!
 The silly faces that Berlioz makes every time he's trying to stay awake are so hilarious
 Still having my christmas tree on!
 My nephew Bingo, who made this silly pose and stood for 5 minutes like this.
 Red wine risotto is pretty tasty, specially with vegetables
 Love his hairy chest!
Grandma knitted a new vest for the king!

Have an amazing weekend, it's carnival time here, and i'm still deciding if i'm going or not, which would be an awesome opportunity for cool pictures, we'll see.


  1. WOW! You still have christmas tree! I love this <3

    1. I know, my mom wants me to take it off, but since my birthday is in a couple of weeks i convinced her to leave it after it :)


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