Saturday, March 8, 2014

100 Happy Days 31-38

I'm a little behind with these pictures, i mean i have them already save to share here, but I don't feel like posting a huge bunch in one single post, it would took forever to load, so I decided to set a limit of pictures for this, 8 or 9 pictures per happy post, so that way if i found myself without pictures to post (which i found almost absurd) i would have a little reserve in the Happy days. Silly, i know, but what can i say, i'm a silly person :)

My sweet girl resting with me :)

Mom made me nut balls for Valentine's day! of course there's any left by now.

Silly cat washing the plussy bear so he can sleeps on it.

Afternoon with one of my besties!

First attempt of Onion French Soup, not bad, but i got a little dizzy for the wine.

Mom bought me this, they are not candy, they are like communion wafer but they are make for kids, and came in different colors and i just simply love them! I ate the whole package in one day.

Salad for lunch are the best, specially if you bought a huge bag of vegetables for $20 (ok the prince is in mexican pesos, so it's like less than 2 dollars) at the edge of my fence.

My other bestie came to see me on Valentine's day, and brought me this as present, i totally loved them, and what's even more awesome is the other side, which have like little paws, so when i walk, it's like i kind of stick on the floor, and i feel like a total kitty! (Ok, a fat cat!)

Have a nice Saturday lovely people!

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