Saturday, March 15, 2014

100 Happy days 39-47 plus a very Happy Birthday to my Soul mate

I remember the day i met him. We were starting high school, and i was a very annoying girl, who disliked to be interrupted, who had a selected group of friends because she couldn't stand the rest of the world. He came to the classroom and looked so calm, so silly, an easy target for bullies (me included). He sat behind me and of course he and the other guy with him, had to work with my friends and I in the same team.
That day i decided that he would be my friend, I liked that he was quiet, and like the rest of my friends put attention to what i said, really attention. He decided too that he liked me, because under that mask or crazy insensitive girl, there was a person so similar to him, that sometimes we even joke referring to each other like "he's me in a boy's body" or  "she's me trapped in a girl's body"
We were so similar that we liked the same things. And of course we daydreamed about the same things. One episode of Sex and the City changed our point of view, the one about the Soul Mates, it was Carrie's birthday and she was depressed because she had no one in her life, but then i can't recall if it was Charlotte or Samantha, but i'm inclined to think it was Charlotte who said that why a man had to be their soul mate, why they can't be each other Soul mates, and they decided to be.
Same happened here, He and I decided that no matter how our romantic life would be, we will be soul mates!.
A life time after, we still are. And I have to add here how blessed i feel, because i found my soul mate and my best friend when i needed the most, and our connection was so strong that even with distance between us, we could feel each others feelings. I know how weird this could be, but it's true. When he was having a terrible time, i felt this weird necessity to talk to him, and them bang! He told me something like he was having a bad time and wanted to talk to me. It happened all the time!.
He's the only one who knows all my secrets, the one who i turn when i have a new idea or want to discuss a new project. He was the one who told me to finish the damn book i wrote, and the one who always tells me to keep going. (My mom does that too)
He's the only person I could see daily and not get bored, the only one who can handle me when i'm moody or really mad.
So here's this silly video that i made for him (of course i stole his pictures from facebook, since he's very talented for taking pictures, and the others i took them).

And, don't think i forget today's update with my happy project.
Someone got a new t-shirt and was happy showing it

Found this treasure pretty cheap, and the music it makes is so pretty and calm!

After being sick all day, this piece of bread made my day

Holding hands with Berlioz while we watched tv

purple bubble gum always make me happy because it turned lavender color when you chew it!

My nutcracker is so pretty and looks perfect in my bedroom. I love turn around and see him on top of my chest drawer 

My mom doesn't like that Kenji lick her, he loves to do it, doesn't he looks like a bear with all that fur?

Mom made "mole verde" for me (special dish because i was sick)

Silly boy here broke the blue and red ball, so his grandma bought him the green and red one. He played with the green one all day, but when dinner time came, he went for his blue one and brought it to the bed too. Isn't he sweet?


  1. That's so sweet!! My soul mate and I went to the same high school, but we didn't introduce ourselves to one another until I had already graduated.

    I've never tried mole verde before. I always stick to the traditional one, and thank goodness my mother-in-law makes a delicious VEGAN one! I love eating it with enchiladas, and since you were (or are) sick, I hope you're doing better. :)

    I read your "about me" and saw the rest of your fur babies. They're all sooo cute! I look forward to reading more on your blog. Make sure to have a nice weekend. :)


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