Saturday, March 22, 2014

100 Happy Days 48-54 and Happy Birthday To ME!

"Youth is Happy because it has the ability to see Beauty. Anyone who keep the ability to see Beauty, never grows old" Franz Kafka.

Today is one of those days in which I should be celebrating, but celebrating what? that I was born in a spring day?, that I was the only girl after two brothers?, that i was the younger member of my family? that I became the best friend of my mother and her companion now that she's older? That even when I didn't accomplish all those goals and dreams that I had as a teenager my life is not meaningless or sad?.
Yes, I'm celebrating that and more. I'm celebrating that I'm alive, that I have so many blessings and that those who are close to me loves me.
So Happy Birthday to me!
usually i don't pay attention to people when i'm on the bus back home (or when I'm going to work), but that day this sweet lady came in and my mom said "Minnie Mouse is real" for her hair, oh dear, mommy dearest is evil! and the best!

One of my favorite pictures from the Sinkhole of the Parrots on film that i found the other day.

My sweet girl love to hold my foot when she's sleeping.

Kitty ears are delicious!!

This picture of my mom is my favorite, she's my queen!!

My birthday present came a little early, Mommy dearest gave me this precious!

My baby boy is helping me with the groceries, or at least he tried. 

Well, hope you have an awesome day, certainly I will! I would share with you the pics tomorrow :)

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