Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 Happy Days 55-65

Oh Saturday, today is the day in which I'm going to try with all my will to fight my lazy being and clean that horrible messy bedroom of mine, and then, take as many pictures as I can to show you and when it's messy again, have a nice memory that once, it was as I wanted it to be.
Mommy dearest wants to take Kenji to his vet for a little bit of groom, which I guess it's fine, but I can't help feel uneasy because I want my little boy here! like all the time!
So let's get back to business, these are a few things that made me happy, can't believe that I'm on the second half of the project, it's almost over, time is flying so fast!, and i'm seriously thinking about do something with these pictures, I don't know but they would be a great memory, don't you think?

Found the perfect shoes, of course, Panda Shoes!!!!
 The way Berlioz was looking in adoration to mommy dearest made my heart melt!
 Can you believe how pretty my Lauro Rose plant is?, He sent me those pretty ones for my birthday, I'm sure of it.
 My Fujifilm XF1 arrived and I was totally in love with it. Such a nice and gentle camera!
 Cucumber lemonade is my favorite, so refreshing! 
 Bestie James and I went to see 300 movie, totally awesome! Eva Green and Lena Headey are goddesses!
 My mom call it  "Coffee Table", I call it for its real name "Cat Table"
 Did I mention how much I loved these two in 300?
 Found the perfect sunglasses and the perfect yarn, big score here!
 Came home after work and remember that mommy dearest made lunch for you and you only have to heat it made my day, big time! (White beans soup or "Fabada" and I made the quesadillas of course)
 Not the best day at work, but coming home for a christmas mug of chocolate ice cream, can cheer up every single heart

Have an amazing weekend beautiful people!!

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