Sunday, March 9, 2014

20 Random Facts About Yours Truly

Well, since i shared a couple of my furry babies peculiarities, i thought it would be appropriate to share a few random facts about me. Well, hope you enjoy, and have a lovely Sunday!

1. Sundays are my lest favorite day, because the next day I have to work, and of course Mondays are even worst!
2. When I'm at home, i usually don't wear shoes, not flip flops, not anything, unless it's cold and then i only wear socks.
3. Even when I live in one of the principal coffee producers in my country, I would prefer to drink instant coffee in daily basis.

4. Sometimes I have terrible cravings for weird food, like open a can of soup and eat it strait from the can without even heat it first, and accompanied by chips.
5. I'm totally and absolutely addicted to Vick Vaporup.
6. Christmas is my favorite season and i hate to take off the christmas trees because makes me sad (yes, i still have it!).

7. I get terribly obsess with songs, like hear a song in repeat all day, all week, and even the whole month! (yes, that happened)
8. I have terrible sleep patterns, I have to take a nap daily, at least an hour, if not i can't sleep at night, like don't sleep at all. Even when that hour nap, i can't go to bed early, most of the days i finally get to sleep till midnight and i wake up two or three times during the night, and finally wake up at 4am. On vacation time I go to bed like 3 or 4am, and wake up at 9.
9. I can't see snakes, it's like a phobia or something because they give me panic!.
10. I tend to name my things, like my pc (Kurai) or my laptop (Kuraibb).
11. I must confess that i make a silly voice for my dog, and usually talk to my mom like if the dog was talking to her, what's even worst she answer us!
12. Read before to sleep doesn't make me sleepy, on the contrary, if the book is good, i prefer to finish it than sleep.
13. My favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter, since i live in Sunny Hell, it's not really cold during those months, but a little bit freshy, and what's even better, there's no rain.
14. I used to love rain, but after the flotation I'm afraid of it, and when it rains I'm constantly checking news on twitter and the rivers' levels.
15. I have to listen a little bit of music before to sleep, a song, or sing myself, it does not matter, but nothing happy or I would prefer to start singing and moving in my bed like if i'm dancing.
16. I decided that i loved tattoos and one day I would have them when i was 14 yo, but got my first on my 26 birthday.
17. You see all those pretty nails around the web? well I can't have my nails long or I scratch myself, seriously not because I love to hurt myself, but i guess is because i'm a little bit crazy for sleep and I use to put my hands pretty close to my face, it happened!
18. When I daydream about travelling, on my dreams, my mom, my cats and my dog come with me.

19. And talking about dreams, i have the weirdest and very vivid dreams! Like scare-the-hell-out-of-me dreams, that even my best friend says how weird they are.
20. When i rediscover my love for a blog, I could spend days navigating on it, like visiting older post by older post.

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