Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little update on 101 in 1001

Hello Sunshines!
Hope all of you are having a great Sunday!, certainly I am, but more of this pretty soon. Anyway, I was thinking the other day about my 101 things to do in 1001 days, so i decided to check the list, and realized that there are a few points that were out of my reach, or that i found something that would interested me more. Since it's my list and the only person to please with it is myself, i thought, well Dulce, who are you kidding with that, I know you're not going to do that in a million years, so change it! And that's what i did. The red ones are the original ideas, and then i put what i'm going to do instead.

2.    Make a cleaning plan for my bedroom and use it weekly (Try to keep my bedroom tidy)
11.  Do pilates daily (0/1001) (Try to exercise at least 3 times per week)
12.  Meditate daily (0/1001) (Try to at least take 5 minutes to breath and enjoy my day

13.  Drink at least a lt of water daily (0/1001) (Drink more water, at least one huge glass per day)
24.  Finish the second part of Sacred Wizards and publish it (Decided not to publish it)
25.  Write at least two more books (0/2) (Think and work on other projects and ideas)

26.  Participate in NaNoWriMo at least twice (0/2) (Participate in another blog challenge)
28.  Find new bands to listen (finish the 26 alphabetic list) (0/26) (Find 26 albums that i really like, not in alphabetic order)
58.  Do the 365 challenges: instagram (0/365), same object (0/365), self portrait (0/365)
63.  Make my pinhole camera and fill two films (0/2) (Originally i wanted to buy a toy camera and fill two films, so changed this since I got a two Toy Cameras)
73.  Buy an DLSR camera (Bought a Fujifilm XF1 instead of a DLSR)
78.  Go back to postcrossing and get at least 10 postcards (0/10) (Participate in a letter or package exchange) 
79.  Have a penpal (Participate on a art challenge and do one piece of art for the 3 persons who wanted one -Rafael, Samita and Sandy)
80.  Do a tourist tour on my hometown and share it on the blog (Explorations at home)
81.  Write a letter to my best friend every month (0/33) (Visit my best friend)

82.   Host a theme party (Dress up for my birthday)
85.  Read the bible daily (0/1001) (Pray daily)

86.  Record 100 things that make me happy and make a video with it (0/100) (Participate in Document your life every month)
90.  Keep a memory jar during this challenge adding at least once per week a happy memory, no  matter how silly or simply it is (0/143) (Participate in 100 Happy Days)

91.  Keep a calendar journal in which I’m going to write something I am grateful at least for a year (0/365) (Give thanks daily during my prayers)

And these ones are a work in progress or the ones that I already accomplish:

15.  Learn 10 new recipes and add them to a recipe notebook including cupcakes, macaroons and ice cream (4/10)   
Red wine risotto with tomatoes and pepper

French onion soup with broccoli 

Potato and tuna fried balls with Parmesan

Carrot salad with cucumber dressed

43.  Answer the 50 questions that will free my mind (50/50)and the 5000 questions survey (2100/5000)
45.  Get rid of all the clothes that I don’t use anymore
47.  Give myself a cool present for my birthday during 101/1001 (3/3)
76.  Revamp my blog, and change the about page and a few pages (work in progress, but getting there)
83.  Have dinner by candlelight and fairy lights
mom had the crazy idea of celebrate the Chinese New Years Eve, so she set the table and made dinner for the two of us.

And it happens that my christmas tree was still up, so Candle and fairy lights!

96. Start new traditions on Christmas
If you want to have a look of the rest of the things I want to accomplish in this challenge,the complete list is here
Happy Sunday to all of you!

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