Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday recap

Well, I had the intention to make a photo an hour, but since i lost track of the time, and spent so much time chatting and goofing around, i just put in a file all the pics that i took yesterday and decided to shared just like they came, not hrs specifications. 
So let me start with my mom singing me "Las MaƱanitas" -like a happy birthday but mexican version of course- and she gave me my last present from her. Ok to be fair I have to say that the first to came and wish me a happy birthday was Kenji, licking my face. Mommy dearest went to buy groceries and left me to sleep a little longer, which i couldn't do, because Manta came to wake me up, so instead I watched tv, it was work of art on glitz so score!!! i love work of art (yes, i know there are only two seasons and you must know that every time glitz repeat the episodes i watch them no matter what) and Berlioz came to keep me company.

Took the obligatory shower of the day, since I wanted to smell pretty, you know, just for the hugs and because it's been freaking hot here, and because i love to take long showers with cold water when is as hot as today.
And now, before the shower, i took pictures of my presents.  Two of them i bought for myself, two of them mommy dearest gave me.
 Fujifilm XF1 was the present that i bought for myself, same as the Diana Mini

Mommy dearest bought me the Holga 135, and a pink underwear, and of course she made me my awesome blouse!

The lady was really proud of her two creations (the blouse and of course me!!, isn't she a sweetheart?)
The obligatory pictures with the babies
 And since my bestie came, the three of us!
I was craving for a subway, so off we went for it
 You can see how happy mommy dearest was for it lol, but i totally loved it! 
 And then James surprised me with this cutie! It's a moneybox, so i can start saving money for more trips and film for my new babies.
 Also she brought me a milky way cake! pure happiness!
I blew my candles and then while i was enjoying my cake, these two were trying to convince me to gave them a little bit, but it was chocolate, so i couldn't share.
 And these are the presents James gave me (yes, apart from the cake)
 She bought me this ones a couple of weeks ago, when we went to see 300
 And...her old Canon EOS G, it's the first SLR that i have in my hand, and it came with that cutie nest to it and some filters. Of course for me that was way too much, and said no, but she said that she didn't use it anymore and that it was just getting dusty, so i accept it as a loan with the condition of give it back when she needs it. 
 I almost forgot, she took this one when she said tonight you're going to dream about you sweet Nikolaj, and then she sent me a pic of Nikolaj
 so of course i made a collage

Probably it was very simple, a not so interesting day, but i'm not the kind of person who loves parties and make a lot of fuss in her birthday. I love to keep it quiet and really simple. Mommy dearest used to make me surprise parties every single year, and i hated them!, well i was grateful with her, and kept telling her that the next year i didn't want a party until she finally understood that i really didn't like them, and that i had to put a happy face, even when i wasn't in the mood.
This is so much better, just a friend or two at home, and chatting and enjoying the time like a regular day.
So if you ask me, did i have a great birthday, i would answer THE BEST!!!

P.S. Pictures were edited with the other present that i gave myself, The Folk Collection actions from A Beautiful Mess. And the diptych with vscocam 


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoyed reading your post :) Your cats are adorable! x


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