Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Explorations At Home

Restless, That would be the word that describe my current mood. I feel an ache in my heart, it's familiar to me, it comes from time to time. I know it well because it has been with me since i was a little girl.
I guess it started with my first travel, something that I can't recall and never will since I was 40 days old, can you believe it? my crazy parents took me to a little trip when I was 40 days old!.

It was  my dad who started it, always taking us on road trips, and even when sometimes I got sick, I loved to wake up pretty early and hit the road before sunrise, looking so many stars through my window and feeling the breeze in my face. He played the music that years later would be so deary to me, and when we were getting closer to a point on the road that i really loved, he used to say "We're getting close" and he started to drive less faster so I could appreciate the view. He would do some remark about the place while I was lost in admiration and fascinated for the view. Nature is so Amazing!.

(If you want to skip all the rambling and the memories share go down to the Explorations at Home part)

By my eight birthday,  we traveled a very long distance and saw the most perfect and fascinating place. My dad took us to the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, and I remember telling my dad that one day I would be an explorer, that I would travel here and there to see the beautiful world.
Of course my dad laughed and said "I thought you wanted to be a Vet" because during those days I used to say that I would be a Vet. But that day I changed my mind, just like I would do in the coming years. I used to see a movie and said that I would be a dancer, a policewoman, a detective, an astronaut, a karate master, a storyteller, a writer, you name it.
At least three of those passions remained, because I still love animals so much, I still love to write, and Photography -even as a hobby- is part of my daily routine. There's not a single day that pass without me taking a picture.

As you can imagine, my dad can't stay in the same place for a very long, that's why he always took jobs that require to travel. And in his madness, he took us with him. I lived in 4 different states, i lived in 13 different houses, went to 3 elementary schools, 1 junior high, 2 high schools, and 2 colleges. But i grew up with more freedom than most kids, and knew more things, see more things than most kids.

Growing with this freedom lead me to believe in dream, believe that everything is possible, but also, it lead me to expect the unexpected. You can ask for something, make planes, work hard, and probably you would ended in a different road. It happens, and reading about it on Emma's post On Changing Dreams hit me. But also, when a door closes, a window is open. I recall a specific book that said that there would come masters to guide you all your life, when you never expect them, in the most curious form, but they would come. Guess that's why people say that everything happens for a reason. I believe that too.

And then, photography came to me with all it's force once more. First came last year with the beautiful book of Pia Jane, My Heart Wanders, the most beautiful and inspiring book that i could own. That's when the ache came too.
Then Kickstarter and its wonderful projects lead me to this one in particular New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures, which let me thinking because this woman made something beautiful only using her cell phone, and I was complaining because my camera burn. So I kept taking pictures with my ipod, kept posting even when the quality wasn't perfect, kept doing little challenges on instagram, and just enjoying photography once more.

A couple of months ago, I felt it,the ache for travel came once more. Guess when you see all those pretty pictures that bloggers share of their last holiday, you can't help it but wish it would be you the one traveling and sharing those adventures. I needed a change, I've been dreaming for one for so long, because i started to feel trapped in a job that i really like.
Once more, another sign, another guide, in the form of another Emma, Explore the Familiar was the title of her post about shooting with film, and then another one, her name Louis, her projects 52 suburbs in Sidney which i found out through her kickstarter campaing. This woman was a total inspiration for one simple reason, she started at home, photographing while she explored her hometown, and then, she dared to dream, to dream BIG! and made it a reality!. Ok to be fair, she lives in Sidney, but it doesn't matter where you live, people probably don't know the place where you live, and maybe, if you are like me, would be curious about others surroundings, right?

So explore what's near me, that sounded cool, isn't it?, that was an idea. And then my birthday came with a selection of two toy cameras, one SLR and a point and shot camera next to the one that I already had. Three film and two digital, so what to do with them?
After my little trip on Sunday 16th, the idea came, and finally I'm giving it a name, making plans, and sharing it with you.
Are you still reading this? Ok, if you are Thank You!, If you jump till this part, Thank you too, so lets go to the point. Probably a simple name, but with a lot of meaning.

Explorations At Home

Every week or every two weeks for the rest of the year, I'm going to take a different bus-line and visit different places in my hometown, seeking for those things that are interesting for me, such as weird sculptures, urban art, abandoned places, old buildings and signs, museums, churches, and of course my favorites, cemeteries. I'm going to share with you what i find about the places, curious things, little tales, and i said share with you because I'm planing to add this project as a new feature on the blog (such as WormBooks Wednesday, or Movies on Mondays).

Why different bus-lines?
Well, there are lines that cross all the city and go from south to north so, it would be interesting to know the routes and what other people see in their daily routines. Also, take the bus is cheaper, and this way i can save money for more film or develop the films.

Are there any rules to follow?
Well yes! I need some rules for myself, since I lack of discipline and commitment, so the rules are simple.
1. I'm going to set Saturdays as my Explorations days, since I don't have to work, and is perfect for it.
2. I'm not returning home with at least a new thing (to me) photographed.
3. My cameras of choice are the Fujifilm XF1, the Diana Mini and the Holga, which I'm going to take to all the Explorations.
4. Every Month I have to develop at least one or two films from each camera.
5. I'm going to post about the adventures documented with the Fujifilm and some film posts too.
6. I'm going to ask people from the places that I visit little stories or details about the place that I can share here accompanying the pictures.

Why doing this project?
Explorations at Home is for those who like me, can't afford an awesome trip or holiday to another country or even to another city in its country. Is for those who seek adventure but the daily responsibilities don't allow them to left home for a complete week. So instead of stay at home lamenting for not being able to visit amazing places or learn more about other cultures, I'm going to learn more about my city, I'm going to explore more of my city, and I'm going to enjoy every single moment of it!.


  1. It's a very cool idea! It's actually the same thing I do when it's not possible to stay away for long.
    The world is big and treasures are hidden in every spot. There's a lot to see everywhere : )
    Good explorations!

    1. Oh Thank you! Good explorations to you too!

  2. Sounds like a great idea.. If only I could find the time! I miss road trips with my family too.. That sense of exploration ;)

    1. That's precisely the point, make the time to enjoy what you have already in the place where you live :)


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