Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite on Friday: Wonderwall cover

Today i'm not only going to share with you another favorite music, but amazing post that really left me thinking like a lot!. It's been a while since i shared post here, not because i don't want it, but sometimes i forget about it. Guess this organization thing is working.

1. On Changing Dreams: probably you read this one since A Beautiful Mess is one of the most popular blogs, still, reading Emma's story was one of those things that came to your life in the moment that you need them the most. If you've been following this blog, you would understand, if not, well, you must know, ABM started as a simple blog in which Elsie shared her life to friends and family. She's been such an inspiration because back on 2008 when i started to read the blog, she worked so hard, she had so many ideas, and it was just awesome to see how much she achieved with positive thoughts and hard work. I saw through her blog when she opened her first store, when she got engage, when she got married, and then i started to notice Emma, Elsie's little sister, and simply loved her too. You saw the pretty pictures, and the happy moments, and of course you imagine that they must have troubles, just like you, but they prefer to share the good things, that's awesome, but when they share something so personal like this, that's when you stop, and really read and re-read a post, and mark it as one of your favorites, and this one really got me. You imagine a life, and then suddenly for so many reasons, you have to change your dreams to something else, and it's up to you to take the best side or try to go against the current. I'm taking the best now.
2. 4 Daring Questions: it's nothing new my love and admiration for Veronica Varlow, she's one of those amazing women who are here to bring light and inspiration. She invites you to dream, to work in what you love, to dare and follow your heart.
3. Feeding your Wanderlust before travel: i discovered Bonnie's blog not so long, but since my eye caught sight of it, i became a follower. She shares not only pretty pictures, but interesting tips. Travel is one of those things that most people would love to do. You know, just get lost in one exotic place, take thousands of pictures and have the best memories. But sometimes, you simply can't, there are so many reasons, like money problems, responsibilities, you name it, but if you want something really hard, with all your might, you can do it. And until that time, you can do lots of things to plan you dreaming escape.
4. How to be a happy blogger: read Kate's blog (Scathingly Brilliant) or only look at the pretty pictures, would make me happy in regular basis. She's so colorful and happy, that you can't help it. The other night when i was catching up with blogloving after a day out with mom, i couldn't help but notice the fun picture of this post. And when she wrote was even more. So many articles about how to be better bloggers, or gain more followers, but i never read about be a happy blogger. So thanks Kate for remind me this.
5. Seven ways to stay motivated: wednesday morning i read this great post, and believe me, Sophie really made a great job sharing tips to keep you motivated!.
6. Eagle Creek park & marina: probably you must be wondering what this post has to do with the rest which were pretty inspirational. Well, while Dawn didn't wrote about how to be a better person, or better blogger, or follow your dreams, she shared a pretty piece of her childhood, beautiful written, accompanied by perfect pictures. Believe me, it's a delight for the eye.

And since music makes my heart happy, and i mean really happy, i'm going to share with you one of my favorite songs, Wonderwall, a cover by the talented and wonderful Veronica Varlow.

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