Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Trip: Cordoba part 1

Hey guys, yesterday I took a little break, I needed to recover my energy after Sunday, and Oh my SUNDAY! what an amazing day i had.
Mommy dearest, bestie James and I went to Cordoba to visit bestie Rafael, and we did so much in one single day. We left Sunny Hell at 7am (We had to wake up at 4:30am for be on time), and left Cordoba at 6:25pm, arriving home at 9pm. But we went from Cordoba to Nogales, then to Orizaba, Fortin de las Flores and back to Cordoba, and from Cordoba back to Sunny Hell.
I took so many pictures that I'm going to divide them and share them in the next couple of days, so let us start with Cordoba. First this picture was taken at one of Orizaba Museums, but i thought it would be great for mark our trip.
The road to Cordoba, it's lovely. I don't travel as frequently as I used to, but one of the things that I always loved was to travel by day, so that way I could see the pretty landscapes. 
When we arrived to Cordoba, Rafael went to pick us to the bus station, and then we went for breakfast to downtown. Since we were going to spend the day in little towns near Cordoba, we only visited a couple of places which are closer from the place where we had breakfast. This is the government palace, and on the other side of the park is the cathedral.

We were taking a group picture when my mom noticed the weirdness of this tree and started to laugh, well i think i'm going to let the picture so you can imagine what you see.

A couple of years ago I took this picture of the Mansur Hotel

Still pretty, but the tree in front of it, full of flowers took my breath away!

Of course we went to the Cathedral, mom wanted to see it and make a wish, it's know that is good luck to make a wish in a church that you never visited before. The Golden ornaments on the walls are gold, just a tiny cover of liquid gold. 

I can't recall correctly the story of this Virgin, it's very popular in Cordoba, and I wasn't paying attention when Rafael gave the explanation to mommy dearest, but it's beautiful. There's something about churches and saints that have some beauty and mystery.

"Virgen de la Soledad" or Loneliness Virgin 

The Cathedral.

Have a lovely day guys!


  1. Do share the next photos, your trip sounds like it was amazing! I don't travel as frequently as I used to either, but I can definitely agree with you that traveling in the morning is great because you can see everything. :)


    1. Thanks, I will!, see everything and it gives you a moment for think and enjoy


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