Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Trip Cordoba part 2

Two post the same day? well, hell yeah! I'm already celebrating my BIRTHDAY and what a better way than sharing more pictures from my little trip which made me so, so happy!
Since I already knew a little bit of Cordoba, we stood there just briefly, but of course, we couldn't go without visiting the City Museum, which unfortunately, only a section was open for renovations.
The nostalgic feeling on this one in particular got to me. It always happens, every time i visited an ruin, or a museum which has old cultures mementos, it's like they stuck in time, a little treasure to be found, something magical that a person did with his bare hands, hundreds of years before, and then left them forgot until someone else came and dig in the same land that was a place full of magic and now lays abandoned.

My momma is so silly!

If I recall correctly these pieces were part of the "Totonaca" culture. 

And this one from the "Olmecs"

The smiling faces are Totonacas

Can you believe the size of that obsidian piece?

This statue seriously is totally awesome, sitting on a bench in the park, my friend told us about it, but i forgot to write down the details to share here. Oh well, in another time!

And a little bit more of silly pictures:

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